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Top Ten High-Volume Hiring Strategies for Large Enterprises


In today’s turbulent labor market and fiercely competitive business landscape, enterprise organizations face unique challenges when it comes to keeping up with their  constantly evolving workforce needs. From increased competition for talent to evolving candidate expectations, the landscape of recruitment has become more complex than ever. Companies are dealing with high turnover rates, candidate drop-off, and a host of other hurdles.  

In fact, according to a survey by LinkedIn, 76% of hiring managersi say they are struggling to find qualified candidates, and the average time it takes to fill an open position is 42 days. These issues make it difficult to scale an enterprise-level workforce quickly and efficiently and can also have a direct impact on candidate quality.  

Tackling these challenges requires a comprehensive approach and high-volume recruitment strategies that drive maximum efficiency while enhancing candidate quality across the board. This is where leveraging AI and automation in your high-volume hiring process can be the solution you’ve been looking for. By weaving AI capabilities into your enterprise recruitment hiring strategies, large organizations can not only speed up the hiring process but also ensure they attract and retain the best talent on the market. 

 To help you scale and propel your business forward, we’re breaking down the top ten high-volume hiring strategies you should be considering for your business. 

Streamline and Automate Processes

In the demanding landscape of enterprise recruitment, streamlining and automating processes is key to handling high volumes of candidates efficiently. Implementing advanced technology can significantly enhance hiring speed and accuracy, ensuring you attract the best talent faster than your competitors. Let’s explore some of the ways to let technology do the heavy lifting.  

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): A cornerstone of recruitment of any scale, the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is often referred to as a “recruiter’s best friend.” An ATS helps manage the influx of applications by automatically sorting, organizing, and tracking candidate information. This not only saves time but also improves accuracy in the selection process.  

 According to a survey by Jobscan, an astronomical 97.4% of Fortune 500 companies rely on ATS to handle their recruitment needs. Not surprising when you consider how significantly ATS reduce the overall administrative workload for recruiters allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks. 

Pre-screening and Skills Tests: Automated pre-screening tools and skills assessments are indispensable for their ability to filter out unqualified candidates. These assessments ensure that only the most suitable applicants proceed to the next stages of the hiring process. Research by SHRM indicates that using standardized assessments can cut down screening time by up to 50%. This approach not only saves time but also enhances the quality of hires, ensuring a better fit for the organization. 

Automated Interview Scheduling: Truly, the rule of thumb should be – when you can automate – automate! After all, manually scheduling interviews can be a logistical nightmare when you’re dealing with a large number of candidates. Automation tools can streamline this process by coordinating schedules and setting up interviews without the back-and-forth communication typically required.  

 One LinkedIn study found that recruiters who used automated scheduling tools experienced a 40% reduction in time spent coordinating interviews. Not to mention how this kind of efficient coordination improves the candidate experience.  

Video Interviewing Tools: Video interviews allow recruiters to evaluate candidates’ communication skills and cultural fit remotely, saving the time and cost associated with in-person meetings. According to Talent Board research, companies using video interviewing tools saw a 50% reductioniin time-to-hire and a significant improvement in hiring manager satisfaction​​.  

 This method also broadens the talent pool, enabling access to candidates who may not be available for in-person interviews. 

Boost Candidate Attraction

Attracting top talent in a competitive job market requires more than just posting job openings. Enhancing the visibility and appeal of your positions is essential for drawing in qualified candidates. Here are some effective strategies to boost candidate attraction: 

Compelling Job Descriptions: Craft clear and engaging job descriptions that highlight responsibilities, qualifications, and unique aspects of the role and company culture. Research shows that detailed job postings receive 36% more applications, making it crucial to convey what sets your company apart​. You can learn more about how to craft an effective job description by checking out our guide with a template here.   

Employer Branding: Building a strong employer brand is essential to attract top talent to your organization. Highlight employee testimonials and company events to attract candidates who align with your values. According to Glassdoor, a well-managed employer brand increases the likelihood of applications by 75%​.iii 

Programmatic Job Advertising: Use automated, data-driven strategies to place job ads across various platforms, targeting specific audiences based on their online behavior. This approach can help you ensure your ads reach the most relevant candidates.​

Optimize the Candidate Experience

In a tight talent market, enhancing the candidate experience has never been more important. A positive recruitment experience can set your company apart and make a lasting impression on potential hires. Here are some key strategies to optimize the candidate experience: 

User-Friendly Application Processes: Creating a simple and accessible application interface is imperative. Complicated and lengthy application forms can deter candidates, leading to high abandonment rates. According to SHRM, nearly 92% of candidates abandon applications due to overly long or complicated processes​. Ensure your application process is streamlined, mobile-friendly, and requires only essential information to increase completion rates. 

Communication Strategies: Clear and timely communication is vital throughout the recruitment process. Candidates appreciate updates on their application status and prompt responses to their inquiries. Implement automated email updates and set expectations for response times to maintain transparent and effective communication. 

Feedback for Unsuccessful Candidates: Providing constructive feedback to candidates who are not selected can enhance your employer brand and leave a positive impression. One LinkedIn survey found that 94% of candidates would like to receive feedback after an interview, yet only 41% have received it. Offering specific, helpful feedback can improve candidates’ perception of your company and encourage them to apply for future positions. 

Utilize Data and Analytics

 Integrating data-driven decision-making into recruitment strategies enhances efficiency and effectiveness.  

Talent Intelligence: AI powered talent intelligence tools can power your recruitment strategy with data like nothing else. Tools like Arya by Leoforce provide critical talent intelligence around key data points such as compensation, location, skill set distribution and more, enabling you to source smarter and more efficiently.  

Tracking Key Metrics: Key hiring metrics like time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, source of hire, and candidate quality are crucial for optimizing recruitment efforts. These metrics provide insights into the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your hiring process. Companies tracking these metrics report a substantial improvement in hiring outcomes.​  

Refining Strategies Based on Insights: Using data to refine recruitment strategies ensures continuous improvement. Regularly reviewing and adjusting strategies based on data helps organizations stay agile and responsive.  

Maintain Quality While Scaling

 Ensuring high hiring quality while scaling recruitment efforts is crucial for large enterprises. Here are key strategies to achieve this: 

Selection Criteria: Adhere to clear and consistent selection standards to maintain quality. Establishing well-defined criteria for each role ensures that all candidates are evaluated against the same benchmarks, reducing bias and improving the likelihood of selecting the best fit for the position. 

Standardized Interview Processes: Implement standardized interviews to maintain fairness and efficiency. Structured interviews reduce bias and are 50% more predictive of job performance than unstructured ones​. 

Diversity and Inclusion: Incorporate diversity and inclusion goals into your AI recruitment strategy. Diverse teams enhance innovation and profitability, with companies seeing a 33% higher chance of outperforming peers​.  

Candidate Rediscovery

Leveraging the candidates in your own talent pool offers significant benefits for enterprise organizations. After all, these are candidates you’ve already invested time in.  

Benefits of Candidate Rediscovery: Revisiting previous applicants can significantly reduce time-to-hire by and improve the quality of hires​​. By maintaining a robust candidate database, organizations can quickly identify and reach out to candidates who have already shown interest, streamlining the hiring process. 

Improving Candidate Engagement: Re-engaging past candidates shows your organization values long-term relationships. Keeping your talent pool engaged with updates about new opportunities increases the likelihood of them reapplying considering a future opportunity with your company.

Leveraging Social Media

Utilizing social media can significantly enhance employer visibility and attract top talent. Here’s how to make the most of it: 

Enhancing Employer Visibility: According to Glassdoor, 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search. Actively posting about your company culture, values, and job opportunities on social media platforms increases brand visibility. Regular updates about company news and employee stories also build a positive employer brand. 

Targeted Recruitment Campaigns: Social media allows for precise targeting of job ads based on demographics, interests, and professional backgrounds. Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook enable reaching the most relevant audiences, with 59% ofiv. 

Employee Advocacy: Encouraging employees to share job openings and positive experiences on their social media accounts can amplify reach and add authenticity. LinkedIn reports that content shared by employees receives eight times more engagement than brand-shared content.

Hosting Hiring Events

Job fairs and targeted hiring events are also effective strategies for enterprises looking to attract large numbers of candidates. 

Job Fairs: Job fairs allow companies to meet and assess candidates in person, speeding up the hiring process. These events attract a diverse pool of candidates you can engage with at one event, making the process faster and easier.  

Targeted Hiring Events: If your organization is focused on finding candidates with specific skills, targeted hiring events can be effective for attracting candidates who meet precise needs.  

Virtual Career Fairs: Virtual career fairs offer the flexibility to reach a broader audience, but without ever having to leave your office. Leverage social media to create a virtual career event and gain the dual advantage of recruiting and expanding your company’s brand recognition at the same time! 

Implement Returnship Programs

Designed to assist experienced professionals with career reintegration back into the workforce, returnship programs update skills and help returning professionals adapt to new technologies and industry developments. They offer support and development opportunities, tapping into a pool of experienced talent. 

Leverage Pay-for Performance Hiring Solutions

There are times when all of the above still fail to deliver the right candidates in the right volume at the right time. Fortunately, there are solutions powered by AI that can cut through the noise and help you find the right talent to fill your open roles. A pay for performance hiring solution is just that – a service that does all the heavy-lifting of sourcing the right candidates and delivering them to you as qualified, motivated applicants.

Introducing Arya’s Applicants on Demand

Arya’s applicants on demand service is a true pay for performance hiring solution that delivers, AI qualified applicants directly into your ATS – but not as candidates, as applicants. Applicants who have already expressed interest in working for your company. No sourcing, no engaging, no hassle hiring for a predictable, pay per applicant price that allows you to have complete control over your budget.  

Industry leading companies rely on Arya’s applicants on demand service to fill critical healthcare, logistics and tech roles all over the country. If you’re ready to stop the grind of high-volume talent sourcing, contact us today to learn more. Give your team their time back and save money while you’re at it. No risk, no hassle – this is the hiring solution you’ve been waiting for.


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Ashleigh C. Swain


Ashleigh C. Swain is an accomplished HR professional specializing in recruitment. With five years of experience across diverse HR functions and a strong academic foundation (including a Master's in communication and aPHR certification), she excels in finding and developing top talent. Ashleigh's commitment to positive employee relations underscores her ability to build trust and drive organizational success.

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