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What Kind of Recruiter Are You? (QUIZ)

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Ever wondered what your recruiter personality type is? Now you can find out.

1. What does your desk look like?

A. Cluttered with technology: your tablet, work cell phone and personal cell phone are easily accessible, and at least two computer monitors are up and running. There are also a few coffee mugs and pendants emblazoned with your alma mater’s logo.

B. Bright and colorful! You have lots of photos of family and friends, and there are fresh flowers and plants for good vibes.

C. Neat and orderly. You have a large desk calendar for keeping track of appointments, and there are interesting articles and news stories pinned to the walls.

D. It’s a bit of an organized mess. Your coworkers might not be able to find anything on it, but you know where everything is!

2. Your boss just assigned you to a new open req. What is the first thing you do?

A. Rack your brains and scan your social networks. You’re pretty sure you already know someone who would be a perfect fit for the job.
B. Call the hiring manager to determine what kind of person would be the best fit for the position—do they need a compassionate employee? An ambitious employee? A collaborative employee? Matching candidate personality to job personality is key!
C. Begin writing a carefully crafted job description to post on multiple job boards. You make sure that the description is thorough and clearly states what the required skills and experience are.
D. Look through your short list of high potential candidates, and start banging out phone calls. You want to fill this position as fast as possible.

3. If your coworkers had to compare your working self to a character from a TV show, who would they choose?

A. Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
B. Phil Dunphy from Modern Family
C. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory
D. Olivia Pope from Scandal

4. You’re going to an event with your significant other, and word on the street is that there will be a C-Level executive in attendance that would be beneficial for you to meet. What’s your game plan?

A. You find out who your mutual acquaintances are so you’ll have a reason to strike up a conversation and an immediate connection.
B. You’re aware that an important person will be there, but you won’t spend your entire evening trying to find them and introduce yourself. If you happen to meet them, great! If not, it just wasn’t meant to be.
C. You extensively research the executive and create a detailed list of talking points to guide your conversation.
D. You don’t need a plan—you love a good challenge. Besides, your confidence and winning personality have never let you down in the past.

5. What is the most important thing you look for in a candidate?

A. A good reference from someone you trust.
B. The right personality. It’s about more than what you can find on a resume!
C. Skills and experience. Can the candidate do the job well or not?
D. Candor. You want a candidate who is upfront and honest about what they have to offer, but is also confident in their ability to excel in the job.

6. How many close friends do you have?

A. It’s hard to say…you have your best friends from college, your childhood friends, your work friends, your friends from the adult softball league…
B. About 4-5 best friends, but you seem to easily make new friends all the time!
C. 2-3 best friends that you’ve been close with for as long as you can remember!
D. You’ve got a group of about 10-15 good friends that you hang out with pretty regularly.

7. What is your spirit animal?

A. A dolphin. You are extremely social, and you would be completely lost without your pod of family and friends!
B. A puppy. You get along great with most people, but you can also quickly tell when someone is a bad apple.
C. A bumblebee. You are methodical, diligent and hardworking. You love sticking to schedules and following an established process!
D. A fierce lion or lioness. You are used to being the leader of your pride of friends, family and coworkers.

Mostly As: You are the Networker

“I know of a guy who would be great for this…” is a phrase that you often hear yourself saying. You are a total people-person, and you use that to your full advantage as a recruiter. You are a firm believer in the power of social media, and you often use it to place the right people in the right jobs. Your social nature is crucial to your ability to win over candidates and clients alike.

Mostly Bs: You are the Intuitive One

All it takes is five minutes of conversation for you to know if you like someone or not—this same intuition strongly influences your work as a recruiter! Phone calls and in-person meetings are crucial for you. You strongly believe that a candidate’s personality and attitude can outweigh a lack of skills or experience, and vice versa. Although trusting your gut might have led you to a few bad placements over the years, most hires you submit are right on the mark.

Mostly Cs: You are the Logical One

In stark contrast to the Intuitive One, the Logical One never bases their actions or decisions off of emotion. You approach everything with reason and a level head. You consider all options, but you trust data and facts above all else. Though you don’t often go out on a limb, you are great at determining who the right fit for a job is, and you are great at communicating why.

Mostly Ds: You are the Closer

You mean business, and everyone you meet knows it. You pride yourself on your willingness to tackle any challenge that is thrown your way and on your high success rates. Your confidence and persuasion skills have helped fill countless jobs over the years, and many of your colleagues look to you for leadership and guidance.

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