Meet Arya, The AI Recruiting Platform.

Our flagship product is Arya, an Artificial Intelligence platform for recruiters – finding the right candidates for the right jobs at the right companies.

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Join the AI Revolution

Find the talent you want – when you want it.

Identify the top talent

Repeat successful searches that identify quality candidates.

Pair skill sets with culture fit

Capture the best balance of hard skills, soft skills, and culture alignment.

Build relationships with the right candidates

Understand the talent that is worth investing in.

Extend your reach

Automate the cumbersome tasks and invest in placing the right
talent.Populate your pipeline with the talent fit for the job and
personalize your conversations with the appropriate insight.

Automated Sourcing
Personal Messaging

Make data-driven decisions

Fully understand your ideal candidates. Kickstart your relationships
by gauging candidates’ likeliness to move jobs and identify
organizational DNA alignment in prospective talent.

Mover Predictor
Best Fit Identifier

Discover how AI is being leveraged for the recruiting industry

Learn how to prepare for the disruptive changes & understand the competitive advantages of AI Recruiting.


We were built with a vision to empower recruiters with AI technology.

We’re Arya, a recruiting technology company located in the heart of
Raleigh, North Carolina.

We pride ourselves in providing an unbiased, data-driven experience
that humans are incapable of creating on their own — leading
organizations to find the candidates that are the best fit — where talent
will grow and companies will flourish.

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Discover how Arya identifies, analyzes, and sources candidates who are the right fit.

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