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Smarter, Faster Sourcing with AI-Powered Talent Intelligence

Talent Intelligence Transforms Critical Insights into Actionable Strategies

Increase Recruiter Hires by 60%

Drive Better Hiring Decisions

Arya’s talent intelligence empowers recruiters to make informed, data-backed hiring decisions by providing visibility around key data points including location, compensation, competitors, education, qualifications, and more.

Decrease Time to Submit by 50%

Decrease Time to Submit by 50%

Arya equips your team with an understanding of your competitors and industry workforce trends by delivering meaningful market, job, and industry data to strengthen recruiting strategies and support sourcing recommendations.

Improve Recruiter Productivity by 80%

Improve Recruiter Productivity by 80%

Make sourcing more efficient by turning your recruiters into talent advisors, empowering them to share talent insights with hiring managers and aligning expectations about experience, compensation, and skills upfront. Arya’s talent intelligence and advanced analytics save recruiters hours spent on research, driving unrivaled recruiter productivity.

Enhance Candidate Quality by up to 72%

Enhance Candidate Quality by up to 70%

Whether you’re sourcing for a niche healthcare role or job-specific tech skill, Arya leads you to the most compatible talent by providing access to real-time, updated data, enabling you to develop customized sourcing and engagement campaigns for targeting local talent pools.

Accomplish Your Diversity Goals

Accomplish Your Diversity Goals

You may have a diversity hiring agenda to drive but may not have the data to support it. Arya closes the data gap empowering you to identify diverse talent and reduce bias by tracking representation in talent pools, allowing you to make strategic decisions to strengthen diversity initiatives.

Engage Top Talent Faster than the Competition

Engage Top Talent Faster than the Competition

AI driven talent intelligence helps source better candidates, faster – saving recruiters up to 12 hours per job spent on research and allowing them to shift their focus on building meaningful connections with candidates.

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Talent Intelligence FAQs

What exactly does AI-powered talent intelligence mean, and how does it enhance the recruiting process?

AI-powered talent intelligence uses artificial intelligence to analyze and interpret complex data about talent pools and labour markets. It provides actionable insights that enable recruiters to make data-driven decisions, such as identifying skill gaps, predicting hiring needs, and understanding competitive compensation benchmarks.

What features should I look for in an AI-powered sourcing platform with built-in market intelligence?

A few essential features include predictive analytics, market intelligence for every job, salary projection, strong data privacy and compliance, a user-friendly interface, a robust candidate database and powerful talent-sourcing capability. Arya also has a talent landscape that helps recruiters search the labour landscape and the marketable skills and education for a specific job.

How does Leoforce maintain data privacy and compliance in the Arya talent sourcing platform?

When you choose Arya for your talent sourcing needs, you're partnering with a globally recognized company for its commitment to data-compliant candidate sourcing technology. Read more about how we protect your data here.

How can AI talent intelligence tools help companies understand their competition in the market?

An AI talent intelligence tool can aggregate and analyze data from various sources to give insights into competitors' hiring activities, such as typical roles they are hiring for, the skills they are targeting, and the compensation they offer. This intelligence helps companies to strategize their own hiring and retention efforts effectively.

Does Arya help me source passive candidates?

Yes! Arya's candidate database features 650+ million passive candidates and 200+ million active job seekers. Arya's 10+ years of evolving and learning from fundamental interactions allow a deeper understanding of a candidate's career trajectory. It's not just about algorithms; it's about leveraging data and talent intelligence to enable recruiters to reach out strategically, increasing the likelihood of positive responses from passive candidates.

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