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Rediscover Top Talent with Direct Sourcing

Unlock the Value in Your ATS by Resurfacing and Matching Existing Talent to Open Jobs

Improve Time to Submit by 50%

Improve Time to Submit by up to 50%

Arya optimizes the ROI of your own candidate resources by enabling rapid rediscovery and automated engagement of your existing talent pool. Fill open roles faster with high-quality candidates who have already expressed interest in your company.

Transform Key Market Insights Into Actionable Strategies

Transform Key Market Insights Into Actionable Strategies

Leverage talent intelligence and predictive analytics to gain valuable insights around locations, skills, qualifications and more to help you refine and enhance your direct sourcing strategy.

Improve Hires by up to 60%

Expand Your Existing Talent Pool

Leverage Arya’s advanced search filters, Boolean search, and AI assisted search capabilities to quickly source the most compatible talent from your existing talent pools and Arya’s proprietary database of 850+ million profiles sourced from 80+ channels in seconds to save hours of research time in your ATS.

Improve Existing Talent Retention

Improve Existing Talent Retention

Identify existing talent to fill open roles with candidates that have already proven themselves to be qualified, decreasing recruiting costs and time to fill, while significantly improving employee satisfaction and retention.

Develop Customized Talent Segments

Develop Customized Talent Segments

Create customized talent segments using the parameters of your choice (i.e. industry, job title, geographical region and more) fueling your direct sourcing model with fast retargeting capability.

Decrease Sourcing Costs up to 50%

Decrease Sourcing Costs up to 50%

Maximize the value of your existing team and technology by rediscovering top talent in your internal database, simultaneously reducing your dependency on costly, third- party sourcing solutions.

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Direct Sourcing FAQs

How does Arya help with direct sourcing?

Arya rediscovers existing talent pools from your internal database, creates new talent communities, and nurtures, engages and connects with them with consistent communication and automated engagement.

What are the benefits of Direct Sourcing?

Using direct sourcing solutions can help achieve your recruitment requirements economically and efficiently in the following ways:

  • Cost saving with onboarding contingent workers
  • Nurturing the right talent for future roles
  • Faster hiring cycles with responsive engagement
  • Better employer branding for a diverse workforce

Data privacy and compliance are essential in direct sourcing and recruiting. How does Leoforce handle these issues in the Arya direct sourcing platform?

When you choose Arya for your talent sourcing needs, you're partnering with a globally recognized company for its commitment to data-compliant candidate sourcing technology. Read more about how we protect your data here.

What is direct sourcing recruitment?

Direct sourcing is using your existing candidate talent pool to fill temporary vacancies. This pool of candidates can include ex-employees, retirees or applicants under process. The core strategy is to recruit with your resources and tools without relying on any third party.

How is Direct Sourcing right for my organization?

If you're faced with a need to fill vacant roles temporarily regularly or require a high volume of workers with similar skill sets, direct sourcing might be a solution for filling gaps in your workforce. This involves maintaining a contingent talent pool and working to engage candidates in that pool to facilitate fast onboarding. Determining if direct sourcing is proper for your organization requires evaluating your current and future workforce needs and strategically building your direct sourcing program to meet those needs.

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