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Shortlist Top Talent Before the Competition with Candidate Ranking

AI Candidate Ranking Sorts Candidates Based on their Likelihood of Success, Driving Faster Engagement

Improve Candidate Quality up to 72

Improve Candidate Quality up to 70%

With over a decade of learning from recruiter input and feedback loops, Arya considers 7 multidimensional data points and hundreds of attributes to score, rank and predict the likelihood of candidate success, driving measurable improvements in candidate quality over time.

Reduce Time to Submit up to 50%

Reduce Time to Submit up to 50%

In a demanding talent market, don't get stuck in manual shortlisting processes. Arya’s intelligent automation delivers a consolidated, deduplicated list of scored and ranked candidates in less than 5 minutes, cutting review and shortlisting time in half.

Increase Recruiter Productivity up to 80%

Increase Recruiter Productivity up to 80%

Leverage automation, AI assistance, and powerful insights into every candidate’s score to accelerate sourcing processes and boost recruiter productivity. Retain and apply successful recruiting patterns and continue to refine your candidate list over time.

Decrease Sourcing Costs up to 50%

Decrease Sourcing Costs up to 50%

Stop paying for multiple job board subscriptions and leverage Arya to source, score, and rank candidates in a single search of your ATS and the largest talent database in the industry sourced from 80+ channels. The result - a consolidated, deduplicated list of compatible talent from all sources.

Improve Recruiter Hires up to 60%

Use Data to Inform Your Hiring Decision

Make data-driven decisions and better hires with a detailed explanation of why a candidate received a particular score. Compare their ranking to other relevant candidates to provide hiring recommendations backed by data.

Prioritize and Personalize Candidate Outreach

Prioritize and Personalize Candidate Outreach

Get a jump on candidate outreach by leveraging candidate ranking to quickly identify the most compatible talent before the competition. Enhance engagement via automated multi-channel drip campaigns and ChatGPT to personalize outreach.

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Candidate Ranking FAQs

How does Arya’s candidate scoring and ranking work?

Arya’s neural networks use 7 multidimensional parameters and 300+ nodal points to search, match, score, and rank candidate profiles, while other AI tools use only 4 – 5 parameters. Arya’s AI cross-references data across 7 multidimensional parameters to accurately assess, score and rank candidates, explaining why a candidate is relevant for a job regardless of missing keywords in a resume, resulting in better candidate-job matches.

How do scoring and ranking help the recruiter become more efficient?

With a single list of deduplicated candidate profiles scored and ranked, recruiters see the best profiles first instead of going through all the hundreds of profiles sourced by Arya. This immediately reduces the shortlisting time by half and propels the recruiter to start candidate outreach in minutes.

Is Arya’s Score Details feature included with candidate ranking?

Yes! When you add Arya’s candidate scoring and ranking to your subscription, you’ll have access to Score Details, the value-added feature that provides a detailed analysis and explanation of a candidate’s score against a particular role.

Use AI Automation to Review and Shortlist Candidates in Record Time