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Get Better Applicants for a Fraction of the Cost

Applicants On Demand is a true pay-for-performance service that eliminates the guesswork regarding costs and applicant quality by delivering AI-qualified applicants directly to your ATS with zero upfront costs and pre-defined, pay-per-applicant pricing.

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Rapidly Fill High-Volume and Seasonal Roles

Scale up your hiring with zero sourcing effort

Grow Your Qualified Applicant Pipeline Faster

Integrated into your job feed, applicants on demand eliminates the burden of candidate sourcing from your team. Using advanced AI assisted search and match, Arya does the heavy lifting associated with sourcing, qualifying, engaging, and nurturing candidates through application completion, saving your team an average of 25 to 30 hours on a monthly basis.

Maximize and Maintain Recruiting Spend

Reduce Sourcing Costs with Predictable Per Applicant Pricing and Zero Commission Fees

Maintain total control over your budget with full pricing transparency. Don't worry about paying commission fees to third party agencies or unintended spend on pay-per-click recruitment advertising. Applicants On Demand is a true pay-for-performance model with fixed, pay-per-applicant pricing that can save your team as much as 30% per completed applicant in external sourcing costs.

Ideal healthcare applicants sourced, nurtured and delivered to your ATS

Enhance Hiring Agility During Peak Seasons with Flexible Sourcing at Scale

Transform your team into a nimble, agile team capable of meeting the demands of seasonal hiring with the power to scale up recruiting during peak seasons or put sourcing on pause when hiring slows down with no added costs or the need for additional resources.

Significantly Improve Applicant Quality

Significantly Improve Applicant Quality

Avoid the wasted time and money spent on recruitment advertising, often driving junk and bot traffic to your pages. Instead of your team spending all their time cleaning up and validating applicants, Applicants-On-Demand delivers an AI qualified list of applicants who have already expressed interest in joining your organization. No more sifting through a pool of unqualified applications, just more time to interview and hire the best talent for the job.

Applicants on Demand FAQs

What is Arya Applicant On Demand?

Applicants on Demand is a pay-for-performance recruiting solution that leverages Arya's advanced AI to automate high-volume sourcing and engagement with no up-front costs and pay-per-apply pricing.

Does it need integration?

It can work independently and by integrating with any ATS/CRM to pull jobs.

What type of jobs does this service help recruit?

All types of jobs, especially for organizations with a high annual hiring volume and wanting to outsource sourcing and engagement to help increase recruiter efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Is it a product or a service?

It is a service for all organizations or corporates looking to outsource their sourcing and engagement processes for high volume hiring.

What is the price per applicant?

Custom pricing is based on the organization's needs, timeline, and business use case. Please reach out to partnership@leoforce.com to discuss pricing.

What industries does Arya Applicant On Demand support?

It supports recruiters in healthcare, logistics and transportation.

Interested in scaling your applicant pipeline with qualified, vetted applicants for a fraction of the cost?