Where we’ll be in 2020

July 8, 2020

Online Conference

Opening keynote: How to Reinvent Your Firm’s Value Proposition in the Wake of AI.
This will be our first year at StaffingTec 2020 and we can’t wait to see what it’s all about! We’ll be one of the opening keynotes at the virtual event and look forward to discussing the value of AI in a rapidly evolving recruiting environment.

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October 13-16, 2020

Las Vegas, NV | United States

Join us in Vegas at the industry’s biggest show of the year! We will be exhibiting the latest updates to Arya and setting one-on-one meetings for discussion around AI recruiting and how Arya can help your company’s AI hiring initiatives. Viva Las Vegas!

October 20-22, 2020

Nashville, TN | United States

Don’t miss us at this year’s Staffing World in Nashville! We’re excited to be back for another year at one of the most anticipated staffing shows in the industry. Our team will be there ready to demo Arya and answer any AI recruiting questions you have. See you in Music City!

On-demand webinar

The world has changed in what seems like an instant in light of COVID-19. It has specifically created a shift in the talent acquisition landscape and it’s time to face it head on.

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Arya in the news

Free Access to Recruiting Technology for Essential Businesses

Today Leoforce, LLC announced an initiative to address staff shortages in critical and high demand roles by offering complimentary access to Arya, the world’s first and foremost AI recruiting platform…

MAR 27, 2020PRWeb

Why Automation Won’t Fix Recruitment Inefficiency

Automation undoubtedly makes life easier for recruiters. From sifting through dozens of resumes in microseconds to sending candidate-rejection emails, automated software and processes…

OCT 23, 2019TechTarget

Ghosting: What to Do When Job Applicants Disappear

Say “ghosting” and most people’s minds turn to dating—it’s how daters describe the practice of ending a relationship suddenly and without explanation. Now ghosting has made its way out of…

SEP 11, 2019AmericanExpress

Diversity and Inclusion Isn’t Perfect, But It’s Promising

Several HR technology vendors offer tools that can help employers mitigate bias as they recruit, hire and manage workers. Many of these tools, such as Textio and TapRecruit…

JUL 31, 2019TechTarget

Eliminating Bias in AI is No Easy Feat, But Fixes Do Exist

HR technology buyers say the idea of artificial intelligence has evolved from cutting-edge to “table stakes.” And few HR leaders, industry analysts or product developers would downplay…

JUL 19, 2019TechTarget

Leoforce Announces Biggest Release Ever with Arya 3.0

Leoforce today announced the public launch of Arya 3.0, the newest version of their market-leading AI recruiting platform. With this major release, Arya is the first solution that combines…

FEB 25, 2019PRWeb

three questions

Three Questions To Help Leaders Identify A True AI Solution

If you are a decision maker in 2018, gut instincts aren’t going to cut it anymore. Data-informed decisions are all that’s left. We’re living in an era where we’re reportedly exposed to 2.5 quintillion…

JULY 26, 2018Forbes

AI and recruiting

Artificial Intelligence and Recruiting: A Candidate’s Perspective

Tom, a recent job candidate, had no idea how prevalent artificial intelligence (AI) had become until he was deep into his job search. Even though he wondered at times what he could do to get his…

JUNE 22, 2018Forbes