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FEB 25, 2019

Leoforce Announces Biggest Release Ever with Arya 3.0

Leoforce today announced the public launch of Arya 3.0, the newest version of their market-leading AI recruiting platform. With this major release, Arya is the first solution that combines…

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SEPT 26, 2018
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A wake up call for AI vendors at HR Tech

I attended the HR Technology conference in Vegas for the second consecutive year a few weeks ago. And, man, was this year’s show a complete 180 from last year’s. Different content…

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JULY 26, 2018
three questions

Three Questions To Help Leaders Identify A True AI Solution

If you are a decision maker in 2018, gut instincts aren’t going to cut it anymore. Data-informed decisions are all that’s left. We’re living in an era where we’re reportedly exposed to 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day…

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JUNE 22, 2018
AI and recruiting

Artificial Intelligence and Recruiting: A Candidate’s Perspective

Tom, a recent job candidate, had no idea how prevalent artificial intelligence (AI) had become until he was deep into his job search. Even though he wondered at times what he could do to get his résumé in front of more live hiring leaders, bots that he had…

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MAR 19, 2018

Talent Tech Labs  Accepts Market-Leading  AI Recruiting Company…

Talent Tech Labs, an innovation hub focused on evaluating and promoting technological developments in emerging Talent Acquisition technology, announced today their acceptance of Leoforce…

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MAR 15, 2018

5 Ways AI Makes Hiring Easier

It’s one thing to see AI coming our way in HR. It’s another thing to know the best ways to harness it to improve sourcing and hiring success. AI isn’t just on the horizon — it’s part of some very forward-thinking recruiting and hiring programs already. Given how tight the job market is, AI is a way to give…

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MAR 14, 2018
4 ways small business

 4 Ways Small Business Can Recruit Smarter with A.I.

Let’s enter the world of lean and mean small and medium-sized businesses for a few minutes. Whether you’re a staffing company, a corporation, or a privately-held business, reaching the top talent before the big firms and large corporations swipe them up…

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FEB 9, 2018

How to Leverage AI Recruiting to Make Better Hires

HR and recruiters don’t tend to take things at face value. For good reason: we’re called on to rely on our educated judgments. We’re in the business of futurecasting, person by…                  .

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JAN 18, 2018

Leoforce Joins SmartSearch to revitalize and strengthen…

The Ai-centered recruitment platform developer, Leoforce is looking at new synergies and partnerships. The ‘Arya’ – recruitment framework maker – has announced…

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JAN 11, 2018

Leoforce Partners with Leading ATS and CRM Platform…

Leoforce announces a strategic integration partnership between Arya, their AI recruiting platform, and leading ATS and CRM provider, SmartSearch…

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OCT 25, 2017

Employee or robot?

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Support Your Business Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) has for decades been the subject of science fictio…                        .

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OCT 5, 2017

New A.I. Recruiting Tools and Enhancements from Leoforce

Leoforce launches Smart Parser, Chatbot and major enhancements to its artificial intelligence sourcing platform, Arya, to addre…

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AUG 29, 2017

27 Tools & Resources to Boost Technical Recruiting in 2017

TL;DR View Infographic of 27 Tech Recruiting Tools for 2017 Recruiting the best and the brightest developers in the business is hard…

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JUN 19, 2017

The Five: Artificial Intelligence Recruiting Tools Everyone Sh…

There is no doubt, the future of recruiting and sourcing will be embedded in artificial intelligence (AI). We are sure by now you have…

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APR 24, 2017

Streamlining the Recruitment Process to Acquire Talented…

A company’s growth and success is dependent on the employees it hires. When a company ends up employing an individual that is actual…

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APR 20, 2017

Tools for Recruiters: The Complete List

If you want to see the best tools for recruiters in one place, then you’ll love this guide from Talent Hero Media. There are over 70 free an…                                                                    .

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MAR 28, 2017

30+ Talent Acquisition Technologies That Use…

30+ Talent Acquisition Technologies That Use #ArtificialIntelligence March 28, 2017 By Jessica Miller-Merrel 10 Comments artificial…

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MAR 7, 2017

Recruiting Technology: Evolve or Die — Automation vs. A.I.

Evolve or die — that sounds harsh, right? Do you think Blockbuster thought they’d be utterly irrelevant after 25 years of being the most po…

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FEB 1, 2017

100+ HR Technologies and Recruiting Tools Worth…

There’s never been a more exciting time for HR Tech, with approximately $3 billion in VC investments pouring into the sector over the…

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NOV 4, 2016

Leoforce Announces New Addition to Their AI Recruitin…

Today, Leoforce, the AI recruiting company, announces a new product feature added to the Arya platform named, Mover Predictor.. This a…

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SEP 27, 2016

5 Ways Your Recruiting Organization Can Successfull…

AI has irrevocably changed the world as we know it. It’s time we pay attention to our future and learn the effects it can have on our busin…

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AUG 1, 2016

Leoforce Partners with ABD’s Staffing Software, Ultra-Staff

Today, Leoforce, the recruiting AI company, announces its partnerships with ABD’s staffing software, Ultra-Staff. Arya, Leoforce’s AI Recr…                                               .

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