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Unlock the Value Hidden in Your ATS

Unlock the potential of your ATS by refreshing, updating, and meticulously organizing candidate information to ensure accuracy and relevance. Arya's Database Refresh service streamlines the sourcing process and improves your chances of finding perfect matches for open roles.

Top Talent Acquisition Teams Trust Arya


Rediscover Talent, Reduce Sourcing Costs and Improve Time to Submit.

Rediscover Talent, Reduce Sourcing Costs, and Improve Time to Submit

Make Data-Driven Decisions for Better Outcomes

Your internal database is a goldmine filled with valuable information. Get the most out of it by ensuring key candidate data such as employment status, work history, skills, and other core details are accurate and up to date. Arya’s Database Refresh service removes duplicated and redundant data, saves your team valuable time and empowers you to make data driven decisions.

Increase Candidate Discovery and Decrease External Sourcing Costs

Increase Candidate Discovery and Decrease External Sourcing Costs

Expand your talent pool from within, without depending on external sourcing channels. Arya reprocesses your candidate data and resurfaces previously hidden talent in your ATS, without the cost of third-party sourcing channels.

Reach Top Talent Before Your Competitors

Save Your Team Valuable Time

Imagine your team spending hours sifting through internal candidate data only to discover that data is not accurate. Matching the right talent to the right jobs is faster and easier when you have the most accurate, up-to-date candidate data to go on.

Improve Scoring and Ranking Accuracy

Improve Scoring and Ranking Accuracy

Candidate Database Refresh ensures candidates are scored and ranked based on the most accurate, updated information adding an additional layer of confidence to your sourcing and hiring decisions.

Data Refresh FAQs

What is Data Refresh?

Arya’s Data Refresh helps you maximize the power of your internal candidate pool by synchronizing and updating candidate data in your ATS to reflect any changes in employment status, work history, skills, or other relevant information.

How does Arya refresh customer data?

Arya uses smart resume-parsing technology. Arya parses over 50+ million profiles per month. Can be scaled to 100+ million profiles with 90+% parsing accuracy.

Drive Better ROI From Your ATS Investment with Data Refresh