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Save up to 12 Hours per Job with AI Powered Resume Search

Improve Recruiting Efficiency by up to 3x with Targeted Candidate Sourcing

Improve Candidate Quality by up to 72%

Increase Candidate Quality by up to 70%

Arya’s AI sources candidates using 7 multidimensional data points and hundreds of attributes to predict their likelihood of success in a role, providing detailed explanations about why they are a good fit. This results in significant improvements in workforce productivity for enterprises, and measurable revenue gains for staffing firms.

Improve Recruiter Productivity by 80%

Boost Recruiter Productivity by up to 80%

Recruiters spend 1/3 of their time on sourcing alone. Arya’s AI powered auto search delivers a list of compatible candidates from 80+ channels in seconds, so recruiters can spend their time building candidate relationships. Use Arya’s advanced search filters to source more efficiently for everything from in-demand tech roles to seasonal workforce positions such as registered nurses.

Reduce Candidate Sourcing Costs by 50%

Reduce Candidate Sourcing Costs by up to 50%

Instead of costly pay per channel or per user pricing, Arya offers unlimited access to the largest proprietary database of 850M+ profiles sourced from 80+ channels, consolidating searches and reducing recruiting costs. Go beyond LinkedIn and job boards with the insights you need to proactively target the right candidates at the right time to build a scalable, data-driven recruiting strategy.

Reduce Time to Submit by 50%

Reduce Time to Submit by up to 50%

Arya’s all-in-one platform automates sourcing and streamlines engagement empowering you to reach top talent before the competition. Within seconds Arya delivers a list of candidates straight to your dashboard, empowering you to shortlist and engage candidates through email, text, chat faster.

Enhance the Candidate Experience

Enhance the Candidate Experience

Leverage generative AI via ChatGPT within Arya to develop templates for drip workflows utilizing email, text and chatbot to engage candidates in real time. By harnessing the power of automation and AI, Arya enables recruiters to streamline recruiting processes, allowing you to focus on what really matters – building meaningful relationships with candidates.

Boost Recruiter Performance and Hires by up to 60%

Improve Recruiting Efficiency by up to 3x

Maximize the value of your team and technology with auto search leveraging over a decade of proven, successful recruiting patterns and ideal candidate profiles to continuously improve workflows and recruiting teams’ outcomes.

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Resume Search FAQs

How does Arya source candidates?

Arya automates search based on the job description and other parameters to search and match candidates within its internal database as well as all sourcing channels and job boards that the customer has integrated with Arya to give a deduplicated single list of relevant candidates who are a perfect fit for the job.

Does Arya have its database?

Yes, Arya has the largest candidate database in the industry, with 850+ million active and passive profiles.

What sourcing channels does Arya integrate with?

Arya integrates with all leading job boards, generic and niche, as well as customers' internal database and Arya's proprietary largest active and passive profiles that come with the platform.

Does Arya source both active and passive candidates from all integrated job boards?

Yes, it will source all relevant candidate profiles that match the search criteria.

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