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Supercharge Recruiting with Next Level AI Recruiting Automation

Discover and Connect with Better Talent Faster Using AI-Powered Recruiting Automation

01 Integrate Arya and Source Higher Quality Candidates

Automate Sourcing from 80+ Channels to get a Deduplicated Candidate List in Less Than 5 Minutes With Arya

02 Consolidate Multi-Channel Sourcing

Consolidate Multi-Channel Sourcing Saving Each Recruiter up to 12 Hours Per Job

03 Increase Candidate Quality

Increase Candidate Quality by up to 70% by Rapidly Matching the Candidates Most Likely to Succeed to the Right Jobs

Decrease recruiting costs by

Reduce Sourcing Costs by up to 50% by Automating and Streamlining Recruiting Processes

Drive AI Recruiting Transformation and Adoption

Enjoy Seamless Integration with 60+ ATS, CRM and VMS in Weeks

Built using an open API, Arya can be seamlessly integrated to any leading ATS, CRM, or HRIS in just weeks with a dedicated client success team driving rapid implementation and user adoption.

Candidate Sourcing_ Consolidate Multi-Channel Sourcing and Boost Recruiter Efficiency by 5X

Consolidate Multi-Channel Sourcing and Boost Recruiter Efficiency up to 3X

Combine your internal ATS and job boards with a talent pool of 850+ million candidate profiles to receive a deduplicated list of high-quality candidates in minutes from a single search, improving recruiter productivity by up to 80%.

Candidate Sourcing
Talent Rediscovery_ Build Powerful Direct Sourcing Strategies with Arya

Maximize the Value of Your Internal Talent Pools and ATS Investment

Rediscover, repurpose, and reconnect with hidden talent in your existing talent pools. Arya enhances the value of your internal ATS by updating data, consolidating searches, and automating email drip campaigns to keep existing talent nurtured.

Direct Sourcing
Talent Intelligence_ Transform Critical Market Insights into Actionable Strategies

Transform Market Insights into Actionable, Data-Driven Strategies

Arya’s talent intelligence equips recruiters with critical market intelligence around key data points including - compensation, skill set distribution and potential, companies competing for similar talent, education, experience, qualifications, ideal locations to target and more. Empower your team to make data-driven decisions.

Talent Intelligence
Candidate Ranking_ Decrease Candidate Shortlisting Time by 5X with Talent Scoring and Ranking

Improve Candidate Quality by up to 70%

Accurately match the talent most likely to succeed in minutes with Arya’s candidate scoring and ranking feature that uses 7 multidimensional data points and hundreds of attributes to rapidly score and rank candidates based on compatibility.

Candidate Ranking
Diversity Recruiting_ Accelerate Diversity Hiring and Reduce Costs

Boost Diversity Hiring, Eliminate Bias and Hidden Recruiting Fees

Easily reach your diversity hiring goals with access to the largest talent pool in the industry with underrepresented groups making up 67% of candidate profiles. Arya’s built-in diversity indicators help you identify diverse talent and candidate masking capability eliminates bias, ensuring candidates are selected based on relevant skills and experience.

Diversity Hiring
AI Recruiting Assistant_ Streamline Talent Sourcing with an Around the Clock Personal AI Assistant

Increase Inbound Candidate Engagement with a 24/7 Career Site Chatbot

A flexible, customizable solution to meet your unique needs, Arya’s Career Site Chatbot can be leveraged as an ala carte service or as a fully integrated recruitment chatbot. Save time, simplify workflows, and drive better engagement by improving the candidate experience.

Career Site Chatbot
AI Recruiting Assistant_ Streamline Talent Sourcing with an Around the Clock Personal AI Assistant (2)

Enhance the Candidate Experience with Streamlined Engagement

Optimize the candidate experience leveraging automated multi-channel engagement through a centralized candidate communication dashboard comprising of text, talk, email and chatbot. Create personalized email templates using generative AI via ChatGPT integration to automate outreach.

Candidate Engagement

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AI Recruiting Automation Platform FAQs

What is Arya’s AI recruiting automation platform?

Arya’s AI recruiting and engagement platform offers a suite of AI-powered sourcing, matching, score and rank, and engagement solutions to top corporates and staffing agencies. Built on an open API, Arya seamlessly integrates with 60+ native ATS/CRM/VMS partners and combines your internal HR tech stack capabilities and job boards with the largest talent database in the industry (850+ million active and passive profiles sourced from 70+ channels across 150+ industries) to consolidate searches and deliver a deduplicated list of high-quality candidates ranked by their predicted likelihood to succeed in the job.

Can I use Arya with or without integration?

Yes, you can use Arya without integration. You can also integrate it with your current tech stack to optimize spending.

Who are the users of this platform?

The platform has the most intuitive user interface and can be used by experienced and inexperienced recruiters of all levels. It is easy to adopt and needs significantly less training to get started.

What features do the platform have?

The platform offers automated search with AI assistance and boolean string builder, scoring and ranking of profiles, score details and candidate explanation, scouting agent, recruiting diversity with diversity filters and masking capability, automated candidate engagement through call, text and email, generative AI with chatGPT integrated with email, email drip campaigns, outbound chatbot, market intelligence, talent landscape, salary projection and recruiting reports and analytics.

Can I use this platform with other HR tech solutions?

Arya easily integrates with any ATS/CRM/VMS platform with an open API.

Where can I book a demo or see how the platform works?

Click on the demo button or contact sales at sales@leoforce.com to see how the platform works.

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