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Arya by leoforce

The A.I. Recruiting Platform.

Mundane, transactional sourcing processes and little candidate intel can lead recruiters to make poor and ill-informed hiring decisions, costing companies millions of dollars every year in turnover.

Arya is the market-leading A.I. recruiting tool that turns average performers into star recruiters by automatically populating their pipeline with the right talent for each requisition. Through artificial intelligence, Arya learns from recruiters’ behavior, predicts candidates’ success and cultural fit, and provides unprecedented candidate and job intelligence to hire quality talent faster.

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resume parser ui

Bulk upload resumes in the right format. Fast.

Poor quality parsing leads to poor quality candidate data. And poor quality data makes it virtually impossible to source talent effectively. Smart Parser is a free, stand-alone, web-based resume parsing tool that is simple to use and works with any system. Users can easily upload small batches of resumes or set up an .xml feed to convert disparate resume formats into a consistent, parsed file that recruiting tools can consume and process.

*The next evolution of Smart Parser will incorporate A.I.-based predictive analytics appended to the parsed files.

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Start the conversation immediately.

Playing phone tag and emailing back and forth with candidates during the pre-screening process is time-consuming and often frustrating.

Leoforce’s new recruiting chatbot is a virtual assistant that engages and pre-screens interested candidates prior to the first interaction with a recruiter. Based on job information, the chatbot collects information from the candidate within a messaging window and answers questions related to the open position. This pre-screen information is then shared with the recruiter. This frees up time and moves candidates in and out of the pipeline more quickly and efficiently throughout the hiring process.

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