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Recruiting for healthcare

Arya’s Applicants on Demand (AoD) service is a pay-for-performance healthcare recruitment solution that uses Arya’s best-in-class Talent Intelligence to deliver high quality healthcare professionals – from nurses and doctors to specialized therapists – directly to your ATS. But not as candidates. With AoD, you get prequalified applicants based on your specific criteria without the burden of sourcing.

How Applicants on Demand is transforming healthcare recruiting and staffing

Whether you need to staff a bustling hospital or a community healthcare center, Arya's AoD is an AI-powered solution that automates and streamlines the recruiting process, ensuring you get applicants who are ready to make an immediate impact in the healthcare field. AoD connects the right healthcare professionals with the right opportunities, paving the way for a more efficient, effective, and personalized healthcare recruiting experience.


Reduce time to hire by saving hours spent with unqualified talent and manual review with an AI recruiting solution that gets results


Decrease sourcing costs with zero up-front fees and predictable, pay per applicant pricing


Improve candidate quality with Arya’s advanced search and match capability


Boost recruiter efficiency and spend more time with candidates by leveraging AI automation


Ideal healthcare applicants sourced, nurtured and delivered to your ATS

Arya searches our proprietary database of 850M+ candidates to match the right talent to the right jobs. AI-qualified applicants are engaged and carefully nurtured throughout the process, before being attached to job requisitions and submitted back into your ATS to be managed through your standard hiring process.

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Improve Applicant Quality

Improve applicant quality for a diverse array of healthcare roles

Arya’s advanced search and match capability combined with our team’s recruiting expertise allows you to move applicants faster through your recruiting funnel, dramatically improving applicant quality. The nation’s largest private healthcare provider experienced an increase of over 2000% of qualified nursing applicants in just four months using Arya’s Applicants On Demand.

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Scale Your Business

Scale up your hiring with zero sourcing effort

With advanced search and match capability and Talent Intelligence, Arya’s Applicants on Demand enables you to automate and scale up your high-volume healthcare hiring, completely removing the burden of sourcing from your team. You spend more time hiring, while we do the heavy lifting of sourcing.

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World’s largest talent pool

Seamless integration with your ATS / VMS

Arya is built on an open API and integrates with more than 50 ATS/CRM platforms, supercharging your healthcare recruiting efforts by allowing you to rediscover healthcare candidates in your internal talent pool while you source new ones from the largest talent database in the industry (850+ million candidates).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arya Applicants on Demand AI recruiting solution suitable for all healthcare institutions?

Yes, Applicants on Demand is designed to cater to different healthcare environments, from large hospitals to community healthcare centers .

How does the pay-per-applicant pricing model of Arya Applicants on Demand work?

The pay-per-applicant pricing offers a predictable, cost-efficient model, where you only for qualified applicants that meet your specific criteria.

What are the benefits of Applicants on Demand in healthcare recruitment?

At a time when healthcare workers are scarce, Applicants on Demand can fill gaps in the workforce with AI qualified applicants.

Does Applicants on Demand increase my healthcare recruiting team’s workload?

No! In fact, it actually removes the entire burden of sourcing qualified healthcare professionals from your team.

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