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Candidate Engagement

candidate engagement strategies
March 22, 2024

Candidate Engagement Strategies: Your key to attracting top talent

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, securing top talent in high-volume hiring en...

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candidate engagement process
February 24, 2023

How AI Can Help Strategize and Scale Candidate Engagement Post-pandemic

Cryptocurrency and the Metaverse can move over, the biggest ever tech explosion is taking ...

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Candidate Engagement
February 17, 2023

Understand these 10 candidate engagement stats to revamp your recruitment drive

They say a place is as good as the people you meet there. So, a workplace is as good as th...

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Candidate Engagement
February 01, 2023

5 stages of Candidate Engagement: Ideas & best practices

In the wake of major economic turns, the employment market oscillates between an employee-...

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attract candidate
December 30, 2022

How to write job descriptions that attract candidates

Diane Domeye, executive director of The Creative Group, has a compelling argument for putt...

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candidates drop out
November 16, 2022

8 reasons why candidates drop out of the hiring process

An executive vice president of Adams Bank & Trust, a small bank in Colorado, was looki...

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passive recruiting
November 04, 2022

Passive recruiting: What is it and how to leverage It?

Finding qualified candidates to join your team is no doubt a challenge. In fact, 76% of hi...

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October 21, 2022

8 ways HR can improve email communication for candidates

Like any film, an effective email should have a beginning, middle, and end. The delivery o...

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September 30, 2022

Candidate Sourcing Tools That Suit Your Organization

Since the cost of replacing an employee can be up to two times that of their salary, turno...

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September 02, 2022

Candidate sourcing strategies: Proven ways to source top talent

The competitive labor market landscape is making it increasingly challenging to find, hire...

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candidate sourcing
August 26, 2022

Smart sourcing through candidate engagement

What is candidate sourcing? Candidate sourcing has changed a lot over the years. It’s ra...

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April 01, 2022

How recruiters can stand out in a candidate-driven market

The pandemic has had a direct impact on the hiring process since it has transformed workpl...

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