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Candidate Sourcing Tools That Suit Your Organization


Since the cost of replacing an employee can be up to two times that of their salary, turnover is a problem for all types of businesses. Employee turnover costs U.S. businesses up to $1 trillion each year. 

There are many factors that impact turnovers, such as employee satisfaction, company culture, and pay and benefits. But 80% of all employee turnover is a result of poor hiring decisions.

Finding the right fit for a role isn’t always easy. As recruiters navigate through stacks of resumes, only to find one or two candidates that fit the base requirements, hiring managers struggle to move the hiring process along. Those candidates may end up at other companies. 

The process is a vicious cycle that can be hard to break. But with the right candidate sourcing tools, you can alleviate pressure on your recruiting team, find the right candidates with ease, and move the hiring process along quickly. 

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Today, candidate sourcing technology is more popular than ever, yet it can be difficult to find a full-stack, out-of-the-box tool that covers all the bases… until now.


What is a Candidate Sourcing Tool?

To improve the end-to-end candidate experience, you can use candidate sourcing tools that streamline the process. These tools have many different features, but at a high level, they assist with: 

  • Actively sourcing candidates
  • Reviewing resumes
  • Using artificial intelligence (AI) recruiting techniques to narrow down the applicant pool
  • Finalizing a list of potential candidates to pursue

The sheer volume of resumes, candidates, and data that you must sift through is too much for any one person. With candidate sourcing tools, much of the process can be automated or assisted by technology, making hiring more efficient and more likely to last.

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Why are Candidate Sourcing Tools Important?

Before any interviews can start, the right candidates must be identified, contacted, and convinced to apply. Through traditional hiring methods such as job boards, temp agencies, and staffing companies, hiring managers seem to be finding fewer top-tier candidates. 

Since 70% of potential hires are considered “passive talent” – meaning they’re not actively looking for a job – traditional candidate sourcing techniques won’t reach them, missing a substantial portion of the applicant pool.

Technology will change how you think about your candidate sourcing strategy. Today, finding internal and external candidates that fit specific parameters can be completely automated with smart technology. 

Once these tools find a list of potential candidates, they can review candidate information to identify people with the highest chances of success in the role. Cushioning the candidate sourcing process with technology allows recruiters to focus on candidate engagement, interview coordination, and effective follow-up.


5 Factors That Make a Candidate Sourcing Tool Perfect

There are a lot of candidate sourcing tools on the market today, but not all are created equal. It’s better to invest in a tool that costs a bit more but can deliver what’s needed, as opposed to piecemealing together multiple tools that all do different things. 

The right candidate sourcing tool will feature the following:

Access to Multiple Job Boards

You know there are countless job boards and sifting through them all by hand is impossible. The best candidate sourcing tool can access all the top job boards, as well as smaller, niche boards, sifting through thousands of candidates in minutes. 

Easy Integration with ATS and CRM Systems

Most established organizations have applicant tracking systems or customer relationship management systems. A candidate sourcing tool such as Arya Quantum that offers seamless integration with existing tools makes it easier to adopt this new technology. Knowing that it won’t require massive changes and lift to implement makes using a new tool much more accessible.

Built-In Diversity Inclusion

With traditional hiring methods, implicit bias is often present, negatively impacting your ability to bring in diverse candidates at all levels. One of the biggest perks of AI is that it can put diversity and inclusion at the forefront of your hiring process, removing the possibility that unintended bias will lead to a lack of diversity in your organization.

Customizable Details

Every hiring process is different, and every organization is different. With the ability to customize the candidate sourcing process, you can be certain that the tools you use to source candidates will fit your needs.

Smart Shortlisting

Finding a list of potential candidates is one thing. Narrowing it down to quality candidates is another. Smart shortlisting is a feature of some candidate sourcing tools that takes the screening process one step further, sifting through candidate details to find a small list of the candidates most likely to succeed in the hiring process.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Candidate Sourcing Techniques?

Traditional candidate sourcing techniques can range from scouring job boards, posting advertisements, attending job fairs, and more. Often, traditional methods require a lot of time and energy, without guaranteeing success. By switching to AI recruiting methods and candidate sourcing tools, you can spend more time curating the hiring experience for each candidate.

What’s the Difference Between Candidate Sourcing and Screening?

Candidate sourcing is the process of actively searching for and qualifying job candidates who haven’t applied to an open role. You might do this by collecting names and contact information, asking for resumes, and building relationships with potential hires.

Candidate screening happens after candidate sourcing. Once a list of candidates has been made through sourcing efforts, screening narrows down the applicant pool by taking a closer look at the candidate’s resume and other details.


Why Arya Quantum is the Tool You Need

Arya Quantum is the answer to your candidate sourcing woes. With best-in-class technology and a thoughtful design, it adds to the sourcing process without requiring too much lift. Seamlessly integrating with the systems you already have, Arya Quantum uses AI recruiting technologies to consider hiring attributes that similar tools often ignore. 

The tool offers more than artificial intelligence. With artificial intuition, Arya Quantum does the following:

  • Sifts through internal and external job boards
  • Sources highly qualified candidates
  • Considers diversity goals throughout the process
  • Makes communicating with candidates easier than ever


Want to Make Candidate Sourcing a Breeze?

Candidate sourcing doesn’t have to be a long, painful process. As a recruiter, you have so much value to offer your organization, but your value is lost when you spend days sifting through resumes – many of which are often unqualified. 

By intelligently automating candidate sourcing, your team can focus on creating a seamless hiring experience, reducing turnover, and understanding what employees are truly seeking when they join your organization.

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