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Applications on Demand Revolutionizes Healthcare Talent Acquisition to Fill Thousands of Jobs

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Healthcare Talent Acquisition Challenges

The massive workforce shortages in the healthcare industry today have reached critical levels, threatening to disrupt the quality of patient care itself. Exacerbated by the increased demand for healthcare services from a rising senior population, the shortage of healthcare professionals, including nurses, physicians, and support staff, is likely to get even worse as experts predict the senior population will continue to grow by nearly 50% over the next decade.

The consequences of this crisis are profound, leading to increased workloads and employee burnout, but also straining an already overburdened system’s ability to meet the needs of their communities. All of which is concerning for its potential impact on patient safety and care.

Addressing the healthcare staffing crisis requires comprehensive strategies – including workforce development initiatives, enhanced recruitment efforts, and improved working conditions to attract and retain qualified professionals. Finding sustainable solutions to this crisis is imperative to ensure the resilience and effectiveness of the healthcare system tasked with providing essential services to those in need.

Source at Scale with More Time and Cost Efficiency

The struggle is real for healthcare facilities everywhere trying to find qualified candidates for their open roles. However, there is a solution to filling critical healthcare roles where the demand is high, but the supply of qualified workers is low.

Applicants on Demand is an AI-driven, pay-for-performance recruiting model where you only pay for the qualified applicants you receive based on your criteria. This flexible, scalable solution allows you to determine the number of applicants you receive and features transparent, pay per applicant pricing based on the role and location.

This revolutionary recruiting service leverages 10+ years of AI learning from based on successful recruiting patterns and ideal candidate profiles to accurately identify, screen, score, rank, and engage the candidates most likely to succeed in the role, converting them into applicants ready to kickstart the hiring process.

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Leading Healthcare Providers Utilize Applicants on Demand

Nationally recognized healthcare providers are leveraging Applicants on Demand to not only find the talent they need, but to decrease sourcing time and recruiting costs.

Applicants on Demand sources top healthcare talent from the largest database of candidate profiles in the industry sourced from 70+ channels, saving time and money by consolidating searches and matching best-fit candidates to compatible healthcare jobs, based on their likelihood of success.

Multiple industry-leading healthcare providers use Applicants on Demand to maximize their recruiting budget, accelerate hiring, and discover top talent before their competition.

Use Case: Discover Top Healthcare Talent to Fill Roles Nationwide

A healthcare provider located in 31 states with over 10,000 employees needed to fill 3,000 open roles in the span of 10 months.

Challenges: Hiring at Scale for Various Locations

  • Rapid Expansion: Urgent need to scale their workforce across 10 states.
  • Diverse Skill Set Requirements: The need for niche, diverse skill sets for a variety of healthcare roles.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensuring compliance with healthcare specific credentialing and regulatory requirements.

Solution: AI Qualified and Verified Applicants to Accelerate Bulk Healthcare Hiring

Recognizing the need for an advanced talent acquisition strategy, the organization decided to use Applicants on Demand, an AI-driven, pay-for-performance recruiting service, to increase the number of local, qualified applicants.

Applicants on Demand quickly began sourcing in just two weeks for a single state, rapidly expanding to 10 states – building a robust talent pipeline for the organization. Leveraging Applicants on Demand to increase the number of high-quality applicants, the healthcare provider was able to accelerate the recruiting process and focus on building quality relationships with the applicants.

Key Metrics

6,000+ applicants delivered

3,000+ jobs successfully closed

460+ average number of applicants each month

42% month over month growth

Use Case: Sourcing Out of State to Fill Local Job Openings

One of the largest state’s most prestigious hospitals had many fill roles in a highly competitive labor market but could not find the talent they needed.

Challenges: Fierce Competition for Qualified Candidates

  • Labor shortages: A high volume of open jobs and not enough qualified local candidates.
  • Competitive local talent pool: Amidst a healthcare labor shortage in a highly populated city with 180+ hospitals, the competition for qualified candidates was at an all-time high.

Solution: Expanding the Talent Pool to Increase Candidate Reach

This healthcare provider needed to widen their talent pool and find more effective ways to reach top talent before the competition.

They pivoted their strategy to discover candidates from locations outside their traditional recruitment areas. Using AI-assisted remote search to expand their candidate pool, attract, engage, and hire higher-quality, diverse talent.

By partnering with Applicants on Demand the hospital expanded their services from one location to 8 in just 6 months.

Key Metrics

1,200+ total applicants delivered

250+ average applications each month

Expanded from 1 location to 8

AI-Driven Pay-for-Performance Recruiting is a Healthcare Talent Acquisition Game Changer

Applicants on Demand’s AI-driven, pay-for-performance recruiting service is transforming healthcare talent acquisition. The success stories of these nationally recognized healthcare providers demonstrate how an AI-driven pay-for-performance recruiting service can help organizations build strong talent pipelines, efficiently scale for their workforce needs, and meet even the most diverse skill set requirements.

The organizations’ commitment to innovation in talent acquisition has not only optimized costs but has elevated their ability to deliver high quality healthcare services. Applicants on Demand continues to be a pivotal strategy for healthcare organizations to meet heightened demand in a highly competitive market where the challenges of massive workforce shortages remain.

Learn how Applicants on Demand can help your organization build a robust talent pipeline by rapidly delivering high quality applicants right to your ATS.

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