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2023 Survey of US Healthcare Staffing: Trends, Challenges & Solutions

The healthcare staffing industry in the U.S. is experiencing a whole lot more than growing pains in today’s turbulent market. With the demand for both healthcare services and skilled healthcare workers increasing at an exponential rate, a massive workforce shortage in healthcare is just about the last thing healthcare organizations’ need. Yet, it is exactly what is happening across critical segments of healthcare.

Factor in an uncertain economy, aging demographics and the after-effects of a global pandemic, and it’s safe to say – the U.S. healthcare staffing industry is looking for solutions to the unprecedented challenges faced by the healthcare industry as a whole.

Our goal for this report is to help healthcare staffing leaders gain a better understanding of the turbulent state of the U.S. healthcare industry, how it is impacting the way healthcare recruiters source qualified healthcare workers, and strategies for empowering your team to overcome these historic challenges.

Key Findings and Topics:

  • The accelerated growth of the healthcare industry and forecasted expectations
  • Market insights and projections by segment
  • Top challenges and considerations
  • Improving recruiting processes to meet candidates expectations and preferences
  • The future of healthcare recruiting and staffing
  • Leveraging AI powered solutions

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