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Openings for Nurse Practitioner Job: Qualifications, Employers, Salary & More

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US healthcare professionals are consistently ranked as the most in-demand and highest earners among all salaried employees in the country [1]. A BLS report revealed that the nurse anaesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners’ jobs have been projected to grow by 45 percent between 2020 and 2030; faster than the average for any occupation [2]. The average annual NP salary in the US is $107,480 — double the national average. So, if you are looking for a nurse practitioner job in the US, know that it’s highly coveted. 

The good thing is that with the proper understanding of the nurse practitioner’s job description, qualification, salary, etc., you can make informed decisions regarding nurse practitioner jobs near you. And these are what we discuss in this blog on nurse practitioners. We’ll also touch upon tips to find a nurse practitioner job online. 

So, let’s first start with what is a nurse practitioner.

What is a Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a licensed healthcare professional trained to diagnose and treat medical conditions. NPs often collaborate with physicians and provide primary and specialty care services. They typically conduct physical exams, order and interpret diagnostic tests, and prescribe medications. 

Nurse Practitioner duties and responsibilities

The exact tasks of the nurse practitioner differ based on specialty and seniority. General nurse practitioners’ job descriptions include helping patients maintain health and treat illness as a primary healthcare provider touchpoint. Some typical activities of a nurse practitioner’s job are:

  1. Documenting patient medical history and presenting symptoms in medical records
  2. Developing and implementing patient care plans
  3. Conducting patient assessments and physical exams
  4. Ordering and administering diagnostic tests
  5. Utilizing and monitoring medical equipment
  6. Evaluating test results and modifying treatment plans as needed
  7. Prescribing medication and treatments and monitoring patient status

An NP’s job includes keeping in touch with the patients even after they have left their office. In fact, counseling patients and their families regarding health management and status is an essential part of an NP’s job.

Nurse Practitioner Skills and Requirements

A nurse practitioner’s job requires a blend of clinical, educational, and interpersonal skills to provide high-quality patient care. Some of them we discuss below:

Education, Training, & Certification

To become a Nurse Practitioner, you must obtain a registered nurse (RN) license by completing a Bachelor’s, Associate’s, or Diploma program in Nursing. This is followed by obtaining a state-issued RN license and a Master’s or Doctorate degree in Nursing Practice. The final step involves passing a national certification exam in their chosen population or specialty area.

Work Schedule and Environment

Most nurse practitioners work in physicians’ offices, hospitals, and outpatient care centers. Some make house calls to patients’ homes, travel, or get employed by non-medical industries like corporates, movie sets, forensics, etc. 

A nurse practitioner’s job is primarily full-time. Given the nature of the work, they may need to work evenings, weekends, holidays and be on standby for emergencies as well.

Soft skills and Competencies

A nurse practitioner’s job requires excellent communication skills. They should demonstrate a high level of care and compassion for patients. NPs also need to think critically and, often, on their feet, to evaluate various options to treat a condition or take charge in an emergency.   

How to Find a Nurse Practitioner Job Online

Over half of the NPs’ jobs in the US are filled through networking and word-of-mouth. But that’s not to deter you from applying for a nurse practitioner job online. Rather, it’s a great starting point to figure out nurse practitioners’ job requirements trends across states, their salaries, and their in-demand seniority level. 

Below we discuss some expert tips on finding nurse practitioner jobs online near you or in any part of the US:

Look for jobs online

You can look for nurse practitioner jobs online on various job boards, social media sites, forums or even Google Maps. To make your job search more targeted, look for online spots specializing in the recruitment of nurses and healthcare professionals.  

Network with healthcare professionals

Boost your online search for NP jobs with online and physical outreach to HR or working professionals in the healthcare industry. One may be initially hesitant, but rest assured, the way you are looking for NP jobs near you, the employers nearby are also looking for potential candidates and would appreciate hearing directly from them. 

Tweak your resume as per the trend 

Studies show that recruiters typically spend just seconds scanning a resume to decide on it, so it’s imperative that you follow the latest trends in NP resume format and include the necessary details to stand out.  

In addition to these, for the success of all outreach efforts, following up is the key. When following up, keep your message concise and remind the recruiter why you are the top candidate for the NP job.

Nurse Practitioner Salary Across the USA 2023

Nurse Practitioner’s salary — plausibly the most critical factor in pursuing a career as a nurse practitioner. As mentioned in the introduction, the average np salary is above the national average. However, NP salary varies from state to state. 

Below we look at some of the highest-paying and the most in-demand states for nurse practitioners:


Median Annual Salary

Approx. Annual Salary for Top 10% 

Approx. Annual Salary for Bottom 10% 













New York












To see the state-wise nurse practitioner salary, read 2023 Salary Guide for US Nurse Practitioners

Types of Top-paid Nurse Practitioner’s Specialities

Apart from location, a nurse practitioner’s salary varies greatly basis their specialization. There are over a dozen specialization courses for nurse practitioners in the US. We’ve listed the salaries of the most in-demand np specialties below:

Nurse Practitioner’s Specialities

Average Base Annual Salary 

Psychiatric–Mental Health






Acute Care


Emergency Care


To see the specialty-wise nurse practitioner salary, read 2023 Salary Guide for US Nurse Practitioners

Interestingly, states widen the variety of services under a nurse practitioner’s job from time to time by switching from Restricted Authority to Full-Practice Authority [3].


A nurse practitioner’s job in the US healthcare system is one the most vital. It comes with challenges of high expectations of expertise and a rigorous schedule, but the rewards – both mental and financial – are worth it. While there is a growing demand for nurse practitioner jobs, an NP always has the option to practice independently. Their salary potential varies widely depending on their location, speciality and experience. In addition, like any profession, landing your dream nurse practitioner job would require not just the qualifications but also soft skills and staying up to date with the industry trends.

If you are looking for a nurse practitioner job near you or are willing to shift to other states, we recommend researching demand, salary, and eligibility for the role to make the right choice. 


What is the highest-paid nurse practitioner?

Nurse practitioners’ salary varies by state, specialty, and experience. California is known to pay the highest salary to NPs which averages $151,830 annually.

Is a nurse practitioner as good as a doctor?

A nurse practitioner can provide high-quality medical care and administration like a doctor can, but they are not able to perform surgical procedures. NPs can work on their own or in collaboration with a doctor.

How much does an NP make in South Carolina?

An NP makes $102,850 on average annually in South Carolina. It is considered one of the lowest-paying states for nurse practitioner in California.  

What does a nurse practitioner do daily?

The day-to-day activity of an NP job typically involves diagnosing illnesses, prescribing medications, and managing chronic conditions. They also provide preventative care and health education to patients.

What skills does a nurse practitioner need?

NPs require the ability to assess and diagnose medical conditions, interpret diagnostic tests, and make informed treatment decisions. Having a strong communication and interpersonal skills also helps nurse practitioners to excel at their jobs.


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