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2023 Salary Guide for US Nurse Practitioners

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In the USA, a Nurse Practitioner’s salary depends upon their experience, skills, location, and other factors and typically is in the range of $100,000 per year [1]. In fact, a nurse practitioner’s salary ranks among the highest-paid nurses. In addition, given the high demand and shortage of candidates, a nurse practitioner’s salary is projected to keep rising in 2023. It is crucial for practicing nurses and those seeking certification as NPs to grasp the salary range in their field.

Average starting salary of a nurse practitioner $ 118,040 annually [2]
Median annual NP salary $ 120,680 annually [2]
Average NP salary with Master of Science in Nursing $111,260 annually [3]
Average NP salary with Doctor of Nursing Practice $120,660 annually [3]
NP salary growth projection *Average annual incomes increasing almost 35% [4]

Below is a breakdown of nurse salaries by specialization, years of experience, region, and more. We’ll also compare NP earnings to those of related professions and explore strategies to enhance your financial situation.

But before we dive into the specifics of nurse practitioner wages in the United States, let’s get a basic understanding of the role.

Nurse Practitioner job

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) who are trained to provide a range of healthcare services, including diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, prescription of medications, and management of chronic conditions. NPs work in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, and private practices, and may specialize in areas such as primary care, acute care, or gerontology.

With licensure as advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), a Nurse Practitioner can specialize in various areas, including pediatrics nurse practitioners, acute care pediatrics, and family nurse practitioners.

How much an NP makes in a year, month, and hour in the US

The median annual compensation for NPs in the U.S. is $107,480, which is $51.68 per hour, $2,067 per week, and $8,957 per month. It is to be noted that these values reflect the advanced training and education that NPs possess, which makes them among the highest-paid nurses in the country.

In the following table, we compare the salary of a nurse practitioner in the US against the average salary of a US employee (across all industries):

Hourly Salary Weekly Salary Monthly Salary Annual Salary
Avg. Salary of NP in US $51.68 $2,067 $8,957 $107,480
Avg. Salary in US
(taking all professions)
$24.34 $973 $4,218 $50,620


Nurse Practitioners’ salary by state

Geography also plays a big role in the nurse practitioner’s salary. NPs in the Western US earn an average salary of $127,120, followed by those in the Northeast at $114,560 and the South and Midwest at close to $108,370 [4].

Compensation also varies at the state level. The top-paying states follow the regional trends, with two in the West and three in the Northeast.

State Median Salary Top 10% Bottom 10%
Alabama $99,750 $128,460 $76,290
Alaska $123,140 $164,840 $48,670
Arizona $121,070 $162,820 $95,850
Arkansas $99,910 $130,770 $77,770
California $149,910 N/A $103,910
Colorado $102,370 $131,970 $78,230
Connecticut $125,360 $163,710 $79,470
Delaware $121,470 $152,130 $90,280
District of Columbia $121,470 $164,900 $96,420
Florida $101,110 $130,630 $61,990
Georgia $101,690 $141,880 $77,660
Hawaii $131,000 $167,750 $80,130
Idaho $102,060 $152,710 $47,490
Illinois $122,960 $141,200 $97,950
Indiana $104,020 $131,000 $96,040
Iowa $121,470 $163,080 $94,590
Kansas $100,590 $128,550 $78,480
Kentucky $100,260 $130,630 $78,380
Louisiana $103,610 $152,960 $77,940
Maine $119,550 $135,150 $96,040
Maryland $104,550 $141,140 $95,710
Massachusetts $128,160 $167,980 $98,860
Michigan $102,060 $130,630 $94,430
Minnesota $127,690 $163,360 $92,710
Mississippi $101,840 $154,130 $77,940
Missouri $101,180 $129,510 $61,820
Montana $122,100 $130,630 $96,040
Nebraska $103,340 $133,840 $93,020
Nevada $127,620 $164,070 $95,530
New Hampshire $121,070 $153,070 $96,040
New Jersey $129,240 $163,420 $100,660
New Mexico $121,070 $159,790 $78,660
New York $128,220 $167,750 $96,420
North Carolina $102,370 $133,790 $95,460
North Dakota $103,550 $129,970 $95,970
Ohio $103,310 $135,180 $95,280
Oklahoma $109,660 $152,130 $80,280
Oregon $127,690 $165,520 $96,040
Pennsylvania $106,700 $165,900 $84,940
Rhode Island $125,540 $167,750 $96,550
South Carolina $100,020 $130,200 $76,490
South Dakota $102,060 $129,270 $80,650
Tennessee $99,630 $129,510 $48,060
Texas $121,010 $154,080 $81,160
Utah $105,220 $163,350 $60,280
Vermont $101,790 $152,920 $78,690
Virginia $102,860 $152,130 $78,660
Washington $128,980 $164,900 $98,500
West Virginia $100,020 $129,480 $77,720
Wisconsin $121,310 $131,100 $97,090
Wyoming $102,370 $148,870 $93,720

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2021 median salary [5]

Highest-paying states for Nurse Practitioners

The highest-paying state for Nurse Practitioners is California offering an average annual wage of $151,830. Meanwhile, the average hourly wage is $72.99. The state employs about 17,400 NPs.

The list of the top 5 highest-paying states for NPs:

California $151,830
New Jersey $137,010
New York $133,940
Washington $130,840
Massachusetts $129,540

Lowest-paying states for Nurse Practitioners

Tennessee is the state that pays Nurse Practitioners the lowest average annual salary in the USA.

The average annual wage for an NP in Tennessee is $95,120. Meanwhile, the average hourly wage is $45.73. The state employs about 11,360 NPs.

The list of lowest-paying states for NPs:

Tennessee $102,410
Alabama $137,010
South Carolina $102,850
Missouri $103,490
West Virginia $104,750

Looking at the tables above, it can be tempting to decide to move to the highest-paying state for NP, but keep in mind that when considering moving to a different location as a travel nurse, one should take into consideration the cost of living in that particular location. Some areas have a higher cost of living, which can affect the overall salary earned.

For instance, living in states like California would be more costly than in Alabama. This may account for some of the wage variations, but it is worth noting that there are still opportunities to earn more by working in different locations.

Highest-paying cities for Nurse Practitioners

Prospective NPs should also consider how salaries vary among different metropolitan areas. The metropolitan areas within Northern California have some of the highest NP salaries, mainly in the San Francisco Bay Area. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that some metropolitan areas have high employment opportunities for NPs.

The top-paying metropolitan areas for nurse practitioners are:

San Jose — Sunnyvale — Santa Clara, CA $197,870
Napa, CA $184,700
Vallejo — Fairfield, CA $180,380
San Francisco — Oakland — Hayward, CA $177,160
Yuba City, CA $159,260

Nurse Practitioner salaries by specialization

A nurse practitioner’s wage can also depend on their area of certification. On average, Psychiatric NP careers earn the highest average salaries, making nearly $40,000 more than NPs who focus on pediatric nursing practice.

Below we list some of the NP Salaries by specialization in descending order of annual base salary:

Psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner $131,500
Primary care nurse practitioner $115,000
Urgent care nurse practitioner $120,000
Oncology/hematology nurse practitioner $120,000
Geriatric nurse practitioner $118,000
Internal medicine nurse practitioner $120,000
Cardiovascular nurse practitioner $120,000
Pediatrics nurse practitioner $110,000
Family nurse practitioner $110,000
Women’s health nurse practitioner $105,000

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Do keep in mind that these NP salaries are based on AANP Compensation Surveys. So, your salary can vary within your specialty depending on your experience, education, location, and other factors.

Highest paying industries for Nurse Practitioners

The NP’s salary varies depending on the industry in which they are employed.

As healthcare needs evolve, Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are becoming more and more vital in a wide range of industries, not just in hospitals but also in a growing number of community and outpatient care settings. NPs are playing a crucial role by providing a bridge between doctors and nursing staff, and by working independently.

To earn top dollar, NP job-seekers may want to consider exploring the following fields:

Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services $148,980
Business, Professional, Labor, Political, and Similar Organizations $133,800
Home Health Care Services $133,170
Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Hospitals $131,830
Outpatient Care Centers $129,190

Nurse Practitioner salaries Compared to Similar Nurse Jobs

With a mean annual wage of $114,510, NPs earn significantly more money than registered nurses (RNs) and clinical nurse specialists (CNSs). The chart below compares RN, CNS, and APRN salaries, along with pay for nurse administrators, anesthetists, and midwives.

Nurse Practitioners $114,510
Registered Nurses $80,010
Nurse Midwives $115,540
Physician Assistants $121,530
Nurse Anesthetists $195,610

Nurse practitioners salary trajectory

Like most salary trajectories, nurse’s salary increases with years of experience, expertise, and credentials. Per an AANP[6] survey, NPs with zero to five years of experience reported a median base salary of $104,000, while those with six to 10 years of experience earned $111,000.

However, the salary levels remained stable for NPs in their second decade of experience, with those between 11 and 20 years of experience earning an average of $118,000. The most experienced NPs, with over 20 years of experience, earned even more, reporting an average of $121,000.

Covid-19 effects on the nurse practitioner salary

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes to the healthcare industry, and nurse practitioners have not been immune to its impact. The pandemic has caused some fluctuations in NP salaries and employment opportunities, particularly in certain areas and specialties.

Before the pandemic, most NPs used to work 40 hours per week on average. While during 2020, close to 20% of APRNs cited[7] working fewer hours. According to the same Medscape report[7], about 8% of APRNs were furloughed or fired, while many others resorted to transitioning into different practice areas to make ends meet. This was more common among specialist nurses because they were primarily dependent on elective cases. Interestingly, over 40% of NPs reported getting higher salaries in 2020[8].

That said, the pandemic has also highlighted the need for NPs in certain specialties, such as infectious disease. In addition, telehealth has particularly seen an increase in demand as more patients opt for virtual visits to avoid exposure to COVID-19. Payscale data[9] from July 2022 shows the average annual salary for a telehealth nurse at $62,930, or $31.30 per hour.

Overall, the pandemic has created a complex and fluid job market for nurse practitioners. But now as we live in its aftereffects, it is crucial for NPs to stay informed of the latest trends and adapt to the changing landscape of healthcare to ensure job security and salary growth.

Competition for high salary as a nurse in the US

U.S. BLS[10] predicts that the employment of registered nurses will steadily grow at 6 percent from 2021 to 2031. Despite the high demand for nurse practitioners due to the nursing shortage, competition among qualified candidates for the best job offers may still exist, particularly in regions with a high concentration of NPs. Employers may prefer to hire candidates who possess a specific level of experience or specialize in a particular patient population or area of expertise, depending on the organization’s needs.

So, it’s not just the nurse’s career stage but also the degree and certifications that will impact their shot at dream jobs and salaries.

In the next section, we discuss the most practical ways to increase the potential of landing a high-paying nurse’s job.

How to increase pay as an NP

According to BLS data, NPs can expect a general salary range of $79,470 for the lowest 10% and up to $163,350 for the highest 10%. Within this range, however, several factors influence NP salary levels, such as certifications, education level, years of experience or experience type, and practice setting. Key ways for NPs to earn higher wages include:

Obtain higher certifications or education

While holding an MSN degree is the minimum requirement to become an NP, many NPs choose to pursue a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree. Additionally, state licensure boards require NPs to obtain

Produce medical writing

NPs with writing skills can use their medical knowledge to earn extra income through medical writing. This can include writing research papers, medicine-related news articles, content for healthcare websites, journal abstracts, and more.

Explore administrative roles

Nurse administrators typically earn an average salary of $119,840 and take on leadership and management roles in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and physician group practices. They often pursue MSN/MBA or MSN/Master of Health Administration dual degrees and apply for certification as nurse executives.

Switch to lucrative specialization

While many NPs specialize in family nurse practice, pediatrics, primary care, and obstetrics/gynecology, they may not always be the highest-paying specialties. To maximize income, NPs may consider areas like psychiatry, urgent care, acute care, and adult medicine when choosing a specialty.


Nursing is one of the most in-demand, stable careers out there. While the pandemic has substantially increased the demand for nursing staff all over the country, in the long run, the expanding life expectancy and quality of life for the average American is leading to sizable growth of the elderly population. By 2030, it’s estimated that the number of jobs for Nurse Practitioners will rise by an astounding 45% from the current numbers. That’s much faster compared to almost every other career. Moreover, in 25 U.S. states, Nurse Practitioners operate with full practice authority – without doctor’s supervision- thus justifying the attractive nurse practitioner salaries!

That said, depending on the organization, employers might prefer to hire candidates with a certain level of experience or specialize in a particular area or patient population and pay accordingly. Having a higher degree can make an impact when you’re shooting for certain roles, too. Either way, it’s only right to highlight the importance of nurse resume as well, for it’s your first shot at impressing healthcare recruiters.

Search and apply online for Nurse Practitioner (NP) positions today, whether you’re just starting out or looking to advance your career.


What is Nurse Practitioner?

A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a licensed advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) who has completed graduate-level education and training in providing a range of healthcare services, including diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, prescription of medications, and management of chronic conditions. NPs may specialize in primary care, acute care, or gerontology.

What exactly does a nurse practitioner do?

NPs work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and private practices. They typically provide primary, acute, and specialty care and are authorized to diagnose, treat, and prescribe medication for patients and manage their care. They also provide education to patients, families, and staff to promote health and well-being.

Is an NP as good as a doctor?

NPs are highly trained healthcare providers with a master’s or doctorate level of education qualified to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions and have the authority to prescribe medications. NPs are not considered the same as medical doctors (MDs), but they have similar responsibilities and can provide many of the same services.

What is Nurse Practitioner Salary in California?

With a $151,830 / year nurse practitioner salary in California, it is considered the top-paying state for NP in the USA.

What is Nurse Practitioner Salary in Georgia?

Nurse Practitioners can make around $101,690 a year in Georgia. The top 10% can also expect to make $141,880 annually.

What is Nurse Practitioner Salary in Texas?

Typically a nurse practitioner’s salary in Texas is around $121,010.

What is Nurse Practitioner Salary in New York?

The average nurse practitioner salary in New York is $133,940 annually. NY is one of the top five states offering the highest NP salary in the US.

What is Nurse Practitioner Salary in Ohio?

The salary of nurse practitioners in Ohio can range from $135,180 – $95,280 annually.

Who makes more money – RN or NP?

NPs typically earn more money than RNs, with the median annual salary for NPs being around $107,480 as per the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). But the salary for nurses varies depending on a number of factors such as location, specialty, level of experience, and qualifications.

Is a PA higher than an NP?

No, Physician Assistant (PA) and Nurse Practitioner (NP) are different healthcare professions with different education and training requirements. They work together as part of a healthcare team and have some similarities in the scope of their practice, but they have different responsibilities and legal authority.

What is the highest-paid nurse practitioner?

The highest-paid nurse practitioner can vary depending on various factors such as location, specialty, level of experience, and qualifications. Generally speaking, NPs that specialize in certain areas such as psychiatry, urgent care, acute care, and adult medicine tend to earn higher salaries compared to others.

How much do NPs make in MA?

NP salaries in MA can vary depending on location, specialty, level of experience, and qualifications. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for nurse practitioners in Massachusetts is around $128,160 per year.



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