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Unlocking the Power of Direct Sourcing in Your Bullhorn ATS


In the constantly evolving landscape of recruitment today, staying ahead of the competition requires the strategic leveraging of cutting-edge tools and technologies. While 81% of organizations and staffing agencies utilize an ATS, less than half are taking advantage of the power that comes with combining AI and an ATS.

The challenge facing talent acquisition leaders centers around finding the right technology solution; one that drives AI recruiting transformation and adoption.

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Overcoming Tech Integration and Adoption Obstacles

8 out of 10 HR leaders have difficulty with tech adoption yielding little to no return on their tech investment. At a time when maximizing ROI is critical to business success, there must be a better way. Fortunately, there is.

A dynamic integration that promises to revolutionize your direct sourcing capabilities – the collaboration between industry-leading applicant tracking system, Bullhorn, and the advanced AI-driven sourcing tool, Arya by Leoforce.

Unlike other AI solutions, Arya’s integration is supported by a dedicated client success team who do all the heavy lifting of integrating with Bullhorn in just weeks. Arya’s supportive client success team offers comprehensive, ongoing training and performance tracking to help you drive swift user adoption and maximize the value of your technology stack.

Boost Recruiter Efficiency Up to 5x with Bullhorn ATS Integration with Arya

Let’s dive into how you can unlock the full potential of your Bullhorn ATS.

Rediscover Ideal Candidates in Your Existing Talent Pools

Optimize the internal channel data you’ve already invested in with Bullhorn. Arya allows you to reconnect with and repurpose talent in your existing talent pools, substantially reducing costs associated with sourcing and engaging new candidates.

Optimize Recruiting Workflows with Auto Search and Match

Arya’s advanced search and match capabilities empower you to precisely identify and rediscover hidden gems in your existing talent database. Leverage the power of AI to refine your direct sourcing strategy and pinpoint candidates with the right skills and qualifications faster than ever before.

Consolidate Multi-Channel Sourcing

Boost the power of your Bullhorn software by seamlessly integrating with a centralized solution that combines your internal candidate data with the largest proprietary database of 850+ candidate profiles sourced from 70+ channels. Integrating with Arya allows you to capitalize on the strengths of both platforms, providing you with a cohesive and efficient workflow that increases recruiter productivity by up to 80%.

Reduce Recruiting Costs

By optimizing the value of your existing data and leveraging Arya’s capabilities, you can minimize both internal and third-party recruiting costs. Make the most of your investments with a recruiting strategy that saves your team valuable time, is cost-efficient and reduces your sourcing spend by up to 50%.

Increase Applicant Quality

Arya’s intuitive AI surpasses conventional resume keyword matching, enabling you to rediscover talent that other tools may miss. Arya considers hundreds of attributes and 7 multi-dimensional data points to predict the likelihood of a candidate’s success – going a step further to provide a detailed explanation for why they are an ideal fit. This ensures you not only identify the right candidates faster – but also empowers your team with data-driven insights for better hiring decisions.

Stay Connected and Nurture Your Existing Pool

Utilize Arya to create new talent communities within Bullhorn. Foster engagement by consistently nurturing relationships with candidates and building responsive talent communities tailored to the evolving needs of your organization.

Streamline Engagement to Boost the Candidate Experience

Powerful communication channels and targeted engagement strategies directly contribute to a higher response rate and streamline the recruitment process. Arya’s multichannel communication dashboard seamlessly integrates with Bullhorn, amplifying your reach with talk and text to email and chatbot options that allow you to engage with candidates across various channels. Streamline communication, enhance engagement, and build stronger candidate relationships directly from your Bullhorn interface.

Increase Recruiter Hires by up to 60% with the Powerful Combination of Arya and Bullhorn ATS

Integrating Arya’s AI-driven solutions with Bullhorn’s robust applicant tracking system represents a paradigm shift in direct sourcing capabilities. By capitalizing on existing data, fostering new talent communities, and embracing advanced AI features, recruiters can not only increase efficiency – they can also elevate the quality of their candidate pool. The Bullhorn and Arya integration is not just a technological upgrade; it’s a strategic move toward maximizing the true potential of your recruiting efforts.

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