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Arya Launches Score Details in Candidate 360 – A Detailed Explanation For Every Candidate Score


At Leoforce, we take our mission to empower recruiters with the best sourcing tools on the market very seriously. That means we’re constantly innovating and searching for ways to enhance the recruiter and candidate experience. Our recent launch of Arya’s Candidate 360, the powerful, recruiter-centric feature that gives recruiters a holistic 360-degree view of a candidate’s professional story and career journey, has taken the industry by storm and is completely revolutionizing talent sourcing.

Now, in addition to providing deep insights into candidate compatibility based on multiple parameters, culture fit, and job matches, Leoforce has even more to offer recruiters with the latest enhancement to Arya’s Candidate 360 – Score Details tab.

What is the New Score Details Feature?

The new Score Details tab within the Candidate 360 view leverages Arya’s powerful AI and talent intelligence capability to provide a detailed explanation and analysis of a candidate’s resume and the score Arya allocates for that particular profile against the job the profile is sourced for. Simply put, the new Score Details tab breaks down how and why a candidate received a particular score relative to the role.

New Score Details Tab

Users can view the detailed explanation on any candidate card simply by clicking the new ‘Score Details’ tab located next to the ‘Resume’ tab in the user interface.

candidate 360

You can also get to the Score Details tab by clicking the link ‘Why this rating?’ next to the candidate score on each candidate card.

Candidate 360

Better Candidate Intel

The new Score Details tab replaces the Candidate Intel tab and provides specific details as to why Arya gave a candidate a particular score, providing a summary of a candidate’s professional and educational qualifications, as well as a detailed analysis of skills, experience, industry, role, company, occupation, and education.

candidate 360

How the New Score Details Benefits Recruiters

  • Score Details leverages Arya’s powerful AI and talent intelligence capability to deliver a detailed explanation of how a candidate’s score was calculated and provides specific data insights into candidate compatibility with a particular role.
  • Enhanced transparency and visibility into how and why Arya assigns higher or lower scores.
  • Improved recruiter experience with a new intuitive design.
  • Empowers recruiters with the critical data necessary to make informed shortlisting / rejection decisions in seconds, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Enables recruiters to personalize candidate outreach by providing relevant information about candidate history, and what makes them a good fit for the new role – ultimately driving better responses and recruiting outcomes.

Enhanced Sourcing Capabilities Powered By AI

The addition of the Score Details tab to Arya’s Candidate 360 validates Arya as the industry’s ultimate single-platform sourcing solution. Leoforce Product Marketing Director, Ipsita Debnath believes the addition of the Score Details feature will be a game changer in terms of sourcing efficiency. “The Score Details feature offers recruiters unparalleled visibility into a candidate’s compatibility with a specific role. This level of insight has the potential to dramatically speed up sourcing processes and will give recruiters back valuable time.”

Arya’s advanced AI has been learning and improving for more than a decade and is transforming the way recruiters source top talent. Our development team is continually looking for ways to enhance Arya’s capabilities and to introduce even more features that make a recruiter’s life easier. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and if you’d like to experience the full power of Candidate 360 in action book a free demo today!

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