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Leoforce Launches Scouting Agent in Arya – Recruiters Get Access to Fresh Candidates Every 24 Hours


In the vast arena that is talent acquisition, recruiters today face so many challenges when it comes to sourcing qualified candidates. One hurdle impacting recruiters and hiring managers in a major way is the massive talent shortage across multiple industries. In fact, 63% of recruiters say a lack of talent is their biggest problem. A challenge that is being compounded by fierce competition for the candidates that are available and not enough hours in the day to get to them before your competitor does.

Yes, the need to quickly, and effectively identify top talent faster than the competition has risen to an all-time high. Enter the solution: Arya Scouting Agent, yet another efficiency-driving feature being rolled out this week by HR tech industry leader – Leoforce. The revolutionary new feature is just one more example of the firm’s commitment to improving the recruiter experience by continually enhancing Arya’s AI powered capabilities. Let’s break it down.

Overview of Arya’s Scouting Agent

Scouting agent is an automated, AI-assisted search agent users can create for every job to scout and search new candidate profiles that have been added or updated in the previous 24 hours in the recruiter’s selected sourcing channels or job portals integrated with Arya. The new feature expands Arya’s advanced search and match capability by enabling ongoing, automated searches based on the customized search parameters input by the recruiter, ensuring you never miss out on a new profile or updated resume again.

How Scouting Agent helps recruiters get maximum ROI from their candidate database

This latest enhancement to Arya’s capabilities enhances recruiter efficiency by 5X and comes with unique benefits:

Access to the latest candidate profiles: Streamline multi-channel searches into a single automated search, with access to fresh candidate profiles added or updated every 24 hours, enabling rapid discovery of talent other AI recruiting tools might miss.

Flexible and scalable recruiting strategies: Tailor your talent acquisition approach with a user-friendly solution. Customize search parameters, search frequency, and permission settings to align with specific recruitment goals.

Streamline workflows: Automated download of candidate profiles option to accelerate outreach and engagement.

Boost your talent pipeline: Expand pipeline reach by creating multiple Scouting Agents for each job with different search parameters that help you widen your pool of candidates.

Benefits to existing clients and partners

If you’re already an Arya client or ATS partner, the new feature adds even more value and ROI for your organization. How? Because in many cases, internal data is at least 6 months old. However, existing Arya customers and ATS partners who have access to Arya’s 850+ million candidate database, other sourcing channels they may have integrated and their internal database, can leverage Scouting Agent to continually search, access, and add new candidates every 24 hours from all these sources adding an additional layer of job matching power, along with unparalleled efficiency.

The addition of Scouting Agent validates Arya as the industry’s ultimate single-platform sourcing solution.

Expand your candidate database, maximize recruiting outcomes, and source smarter with Scouting Agent

With the new year rapidly approaching, the time to develop an effective recruiting strategy for the year ahead is now. Simply choosing an AI recruiting tool off the shelf is not the answer. To gain and keep an edge over the competition, choose the AI software platform with a solution for every sourcing challenge.

Arya delivers better sourcing and recruiting outcomes than the competition. Built on a combination of multiple machine learning models, predictive analytics, neural networks, and natural language processing (NLP), the AI in Arya has been evolving and improving for over 10 years and is unlike any other AI on the market. Distinctly different from typical AI sourcing tools, Arya’s reach and capability yields superior results compared to other AI tools. For more information about our products and services, please visit https://leoforce.com/.

Stay tuned for more exciting product releases and updates. If you want to gain a competitive edge and experience the full power of Scouting Agent in action book a free demo today!

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