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Veteran hiring: How small enterprises can benefit and employ veterans


It has been shown that small enterprises can profit from the unique collection of skills possessed by veterans of the United States armed forces. Consider the experience and skills that veterans can bring to the table when looking to grow your team.


Why should small businesses hire veterans?

The issue of veteran unemployment in the United States is one that modern businesses should work to address. Even though the veteran unemployment rate has been steadily falling (it was 4.4% in August 2021) thanks to efforts by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, veterans still have a larger chance of being unemployed or living in poverty than the general population. Here are the top reasons to incorporate veteran hiring into your recruiting strategy.

Transferrable skills

Veterans can provide problem-solving, teamwork, and pressure tolerance, as well as the ability to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds.


Like other exceptional candidates, veterans possess the mental and physical capabilities necessary to thrive in an ever-changing professional environment.

Practical tips for veteran hiring

Salute the military clan

As a first step, consider opening your hiring to military veterans. In today’s economy, families often need both parents to earn an income. As a result of the specific problems faced by military families transitioning to civilian employment, military-friendly job boards can aid both military families and companies in maximizing their candidate pool potential.

Leverage social media

Social media marketing might yield a larger return than career fairs.
Like other job seekers, veterans use social media. Find vets. Traditional veteran employment fairs can be successful, but they’re expensive. Social media job ads reach a big number of potential candidates without cost.

Engage prospects on military jobsites

Veterans, like other job searchers, search online. A company that wants to hire veterans should post positions on military job boards. Connect with vets.

Military-friendly language on job descriptions

When posting jobs, utilize military-friendly phrasing or target veterans. Employers who speak with veteran candidates in their native language express respect for their service. It draws more experienced applicants who are better qualified for the job because they know what’s needed.

Create a network for veteran talent

A talent network alerts members to job openings. Passive candidates are subtler. Veteran candidates on the fence are generally reaching the conclusion of their service and weighing their alternatives. As they near the end of their military service, they may be ready to move. Veteran talent communities can help veterans transition. The earlier a veteran starts their job hunt, the more time they have to find the ideal position, so it’s important to collect and communicate with passive veteran applications. They won’t take the first job offer, even if it’s a terrific fit.

Accommodate the transition

Veterans who qualify for protected veteran status are shielded from discrimination on the basis of their military service and are entitled to reasonable accommodations for any disabilities related to their time in the armed forces. Many veterans say choosing a career is the hardest part of job hunting. Speaking with someone who has been through the same situation can help a veteran get a job.

Create a candidate sourcing method to rank military recruits

Businesses’ veteran hiring methods differ by aim. Organizations can screen for veterans by asking on applications if they are veterans. The company can then prioritize such possibilities. After internal applicants but before foreign prospects, veterans may be given preference. Businesses might also choose to publish their preference ranking. Publicity can boost military uses.



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