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AI Hiring Platforms for Small Business AI Hiring Platforms for Small Business

Big recruiting power for small business

Small businesses and startups still require significant recruiting resources. At one affordable price per job, Arya Pulse helps level the playing field in the competition for talent.

Arya Pulse helps small businesses recruit smarter

Smaller and growing businesses find themselves competing for talent against larger companies with dedicated HR teams. Arya Pulse is a revolutionary service that levels the playing field for small businesses, startups, and anyone who just needs to fill a few jobs. Give us your job information, and Arya Pulse reaches out, qualifies, and delivers candidates readyt to interview. All for one low price per job.

Union 53

No expensive staffing agency fees or commissions.


We walk you through creating a job description.

Union 15

Post once and we find candidates from multiple job sites.

Source candidates

Our recruiters contact, qualify, and deliver the most qualified candidates.

Group 176

Get candidates ready to interview within days.

Group 200

Review and rank candidates from one simple interface.


Candidates from multiple
job sites

We advertise your job and deliver qualified talent from 800m+ profiles from dozens of free and paid sources.


Simplify the hiring process

Stop wasting time posting to multiple job boards and reviewing unqualified applicants. Arya Pulse uses AI and real recruiters to deliver qualified, interview-ready candidates.


More compatible candidates

With the People Intuition within Arya, we go beyond matching skills and experience to target the candidates most likely to succeed in your open job.


Easily build a job description

Our interactive job assistant guides you through capturing the skills and experience your open job require.

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