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Recruitment Solution for HR Recruitment Solution for HR

AI recruiting service for hiring managers

Tasked with finding the right employees with limited resources, hiring managers need the right tools to get the job done. Get quality candidates, job description assistance, ads posted and more at an affordable price.

Quality candidates delivered with AI

With Arya Pulse, busy managers can quickly fill open jobs for a low, predictable price.

Union 19

No expensive staffing agency fees. Pay $599 per job, satisfaction guaranteed.


Post once and we find candidates from multiple job sites.


Get candidates ready to interview within days.


Our recruiters highlight the most qualified candidates.

Union 28

Review and rank candidates from one simple interface.


We can walk you through creating a job description.


Get quality candidates with budget-friendly options

It’s not always affordable for smaller businesses to outsource their hiring needs Using outside staffing agencies can get costly with their monthly fees and commissions. Hiring managers need access to budget-friendly options like Arya Pulse that still net quality candidates – quickly.


Get pre-qualified and interested candidates

Hiring managers without an entire HR department to help with staffing needs can find themselves spending hours posting to multiple job boards, wading through responses, and wasting valuable time. An AI recruiting tool like Arya Pulse does the posting and pre-qualifying for you, so you can focus on the important tasks of interviewing and selecting the right candidate.


We help you develop a
job description

Simply finding candidates isn’t the only hurdle for hiring managers. Crafting an effective job description that with all the right skills and experience is the real challenge. Our Arya Pulse job description assistant walks you creating an effective job description and uses AI insights that goes beyond just matching resumes to jobs.

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