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Why small businesses need smarter hiring solutions


Small and medium businesses face considerable challenges in finding and hiring the top talent to help grow their business. According to Megaphone’s job report from the fall of 2017, 51.3% of small business owners struggle to find qualified applicants with the required skills and experience.

It’s not uncommon for small business owners to lack the time and budget that larger companies have to identify, review and engage top talent. This is precisely why small businesses need smarter hiring solutions.

Nothing is more frustrating than posting a job on multiple job boards and being overwhelmed by unqualified candidates. Unless you’re lucky enough to have good referrals, you end up spending countless hours eliminating unqualified candidates.

Stress-free recruiting

What if we told you we have a solution for that! Leoforce developed Arya Pulse to give small and mid-sized businesses the same recruiting power enjoyed by larger firms. Whether you have one important job to fill or many, Arya Pulse uses our Industry-leading AI to deliver qualified, engaged, interview-ready candidates at a low per-job price, with real people supporting you at every step.

Challenges that small businesses face with hiring

Lack of time and resources to dedicate to the hiring process

Many small businesses don’t have a dedicated Human Resources department and cannot afford to pay a recruiting agency every month for just a few hires. Hiring managers are already busy, and a time-consuming hiring process can put projects and deadlines in danger.

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Our solution: Even without a full-fledged team, you can still make better hiring decisions faster with Arya Pulse. It saves tons of time that you would otherwise spend searching through mountains of resumes from unqualified and unsuitable candidates. With millions of job-seekers in our database, you are sure to find the candidates you are looking for, even for a very niche job. We have clients who closed job postings within just a few hours.

Read this recent client testimonial to see what we mean. Arya Pulse does the work for you, allowing you to focus your energy and time on interviewing motivated candidates.

Limited access to qualified candidates

Having to hire from a limited pool of candidates can bring in bad hires. Every hire counts and nothing is more expensive than a bad hire.

Our fix: With us, you will have the same search power and access that any large business in the industry does when looking for medium and high-skilled employees. Arya Pulse can easily find them with its intelligence-driven recruiting system.

Need all the services of a recruiting agency

Small businesses that are in need of recruiting assistance with the same results as a recruiting agency don’t want to pay monthly fees for just a few hires a year. With small businesses, resources are limited, so finding effective ways to achieve similar results is key.

Our promise: Arya Pulse is a new model for SMB hiring. We offer recruitment-as-a-service! There are no hidden charges and no monthly/yearly fees. You pay per job, whenever you want. Very cost-effective indeed.

Not just qualified candidates, but engaged candidates

Our intelligence-driven hiring platform can genuinely save you time in different parts of the recruitment process, especially finding you only the rightly qualified candidates, analyzing them if they are job-ready, and helping you communicate with them. With tons of time saved, you will have more left to focus on what matters the most: the people.

As a small business owner or a hiring manager, you want to attract not only qualified candidates but also top talent who are interview-ready. Sifting through junk resumes just to find that one suitable candidate shouldn’t be the norm. Arya Pulse is here to facilitate great hiring for you at a fixed price with no strings attached.

Great candidates don’t wait, and you shouldn’t either.


For better and smarter hiring outcomes, use Arya Pulse!


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