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on-demand recruiting service
to streamline hiring

Busy law firm uses
on-demand recruiting service
to streamline hiring


Resource-strapped companies who need to add new employees face a dilemma: they’re too busy to spend much time hiring, but things won’t get any better until they do.

That was the issue for Bashyam Shah LLP, a medium-sized, boutique immigration law firm. It took them too long to post on multiple job sites and review the flood of unqualified resumes, and costs got out of control because many job boards require a fee. Meanwhile, they went without additional resources and struggled to keep up. They needed immediate help streamlining their hiring process.

“Indeed wasn’t cutting it anymore.”

Bashyam Shah focuses on hiring for professional-level, niche roles like law attorneys and paralegals, so they were particular about the skills they require. Murali Bashyam, the Managing Partner, was feeling overwhelmed.

He said, “Our inbox was filled with unqualified candidates, and we didn’t have time to go through them all. And we don’t hire often enough to justify an agency to help us.”

Bashyam Shah finally got help by using Arya Pulse by Leoforce. Arya Pulse is like an on-demand staffing agency for companies that don’t hire too often. When Bashyam Shah needed to fill a job, a professional recruiting team – backed by an industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology – would swing into action. They paid one low price per job and had top talent ready to interview in just a few days.

“Going through resumes is a time-consuming process.”

With Arya Pulse, Bashyam was finally able to focus on business and let us cut through the clutter and deliver great candidates. “There’s a lot of value to that. You’re basically making us more efficient in the recruiting process,” said Bashyam.

Choosing the full-service option, their jobs were advertised on relevant job boards. Our recruiting professionals recommended the best candidates, and Bashyam Shah could quickly review all the candidates in one inbox and choose their own favorites. We reached out, qualified their choices, and delivered a list of candidates ready to interview.

“With Arya Pulse, we filled our first job in one week!”

Arya Pulse by Leoforce is the on-demand recruiting service for small and medium businesses, empowering you to compete for talent with big companies with dedicated HR teams.

For a low per-job price, we can find that perfect fit for your company. Using real recruiting professionals and sophisticated AI, we match your job with the most qualified candidates, hand-select those who best fit your needs, and deliver a list of motivated candidates eager to interview. It’s tailor-made for small and medium businesses that would benefit from smarter recruiting solutions.

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