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How to make employee recruitment tools work for you

“My sources say no.”

Ask a magic eight ball in January of this year whether a pandemic of seismic proportions would rock the foundation of global life, and that’s probably the answer you’d get. The impacts of the coronavirus may have been unexpected, but it will continue to redefine what it means to do a lot of things — including job searches.

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Finding the best candidate will no longer be about having the right values and qualifications in place. It will require you to have the kinds of AI recruitment tools and software that can connect you with talent that won’t have your magic eight ball saying “ask again later” in 2020 and beyond.

The future of recruiting and hiring with technology

Technology will play an essential role in the future of work. Similarly, recruitment technology will help HR personnel and recruiters gather what’s necessary to assemble top-notch teams. But when considering how technology can help recruitment, it’s essential to take a look at what the job landscape will look like the rest of this year — and for years to come.

For starters, flexible work environments are quickly moving from accessory to necessary as many organizations shift some, or all, of their workforces to a remote setup. If potential hires have the technology to conduct remote work, then organizations will need the right recruitment tools to reach those candidates.

As you’re pursuing a remote workforce, it stands to reason that some of your talent acquisition will be contactless. Virtual recruiting tools can help foster connections that put candidates at ease with a company — even at a distance. These tools also open your organization up to a wealth of global talent that can help your team expand its physical borders.

It’s equally important to have the resources on hand to create a solid company. The future of employee onboarding and retention will rest heavily on having the kinds of online collaboration tools necessary to help teams connect and create from anywhere.

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What’s more, the future of human resource management will likely have a top-to-bottom technological influence. Outfitting your talent acquisition efforts with recruitment technology will help you feel confident that you’ve left no stone unturned to find the best talent.

Using virtual recruiting tools to find top talent

Recruitment technology is an efficient and insight-driven way to connect employers with talent that checks a company’s boxes for skill set and cultural fit.

If you’re still not sure how to integrate employee recruitment tools into your candidate search, try these three strategies:

1. Forget what you thought you knew. 

To see clearly how technology can help recruitment, start by adjusting how you previously viewed it — as well as onboarding. Understand that technology can benefit both the recruiting and onboarding processes, and then tailor your methods to those solutions.

Invest in chatbots, software, and other assets to build rapport with potential candidates and new employees. Find ways to use those solutions in your everyday processes to create a more organic approach to talent acquisition.

2. Map out your strategy. 

With the litany of challenges and opportunities affecting the future of human resource management, it’s best not to leave anything to chance. Put a proper plan in place that leverages tools that will lead you to your ideal candidates.

Create a blueprint for each aspect of recruitment, attaching some element of your tech stack to each step. You stand a better chance of finding the right candidates if you connect recruitment solutions to the most critical aspects of your search.

3. Invest in subscription solutions. 

You should be able to test virtual recruiting tools free of charge, and they should come with fewer strings attached in terms of commitment. The future of recruiting and hiring technology will focus on subscription technologies that allow users to try several solutions until they find one that works.

No one can truly predict what will be most effective in the talent acquisition landscape. Pay-as-you-go video conferencing, messaging, and online collaboration tools provide recruiters and companies the flexibility they need to use tools that can scale with their needs.

Unfortunately, finding top talent isn’t as easy as shaking a magic eight ball. To make the search process smoother, implement technology into your recruiting and onboarding system that will help bring the challenges and opportunities affecting the future of human resource management into focus and empower you to find the best talent.

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