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How an AI recruiting tool builds a high-quality talent pipeline


Building a high-quality talent pipeline ensures that your organization has candidates lined up for today’s jobs, and can respond quickly to sudden business expansion and unexpected backfills. You want to get qualified applicants and start interviews right away while minimizing the search of multiple job sources for hard-to-find talent.

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To do this effectively, choose the right partner that can help keep your talent pipeline full of promising, diverse talent.

high-quality talent pipeline

Where AI sourcing can help, and where it can’t

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one tool that can automate and accelerate many of the time-consuming, repetitive tasks associated with filling your pipeline. A recent LinkedIn survey predicts that in 2 years’ time, 77% of HR organizations will be using AI for talent acquisition. Already, 56% of HR organizations use AI for sourcing and recruiting. 

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But the choice of AI technology is critical. Any AI solution that promises to take the place of recruiters is unrealistic. The most useful and practical solutions focus on filling the pipeline quickly with well-qualified candidates, so recruiters can do what they do best: engage with candidates and build relationships with promising talent.

Filling the Pipeline

The temptation for busy recruiters is to focus only on the top one or two job sources in finding candidates. That can be a mistake. There could be great candidates on professional networking sites who may not be actively looking for a career move or have been too busy to update all their profiles. Some of these specialized sites are focused on highlighting candidates who can help you meet your diversity goals, or have specialized credentials and certifications. You may miss them by narrowing your search. If you cast a wider net and include these specialized job sources, you may catch bigger fish!

The problem is that it takes time to find, search, and in some cases pay for other sites. Consider a recruiting tool like Arya that lets you enter job information once, and find and engage potential applicants from the entire universe of talent; not just from dominant sites but from sources off the beaten path. Arya also aggregates all the best candidates into one easy-to-manage web-based list, where you can further refine your search in real-time, and quickly shortlist and reject candidates from all of your job sources.

The big sites may also offer “one-click apply” which is great for job seekers but not so great for recruiters. You could get hundreds of applications from unqualified applicants, and it could take you hours to sort through them all. Remember, some sites are focused on making things easier for job applicants in order to drive site traffic, not necessarily on making things easier for the recruiter.

Focusing the pipeline

Sorting through interested candidates is perhaps the biggest time investment for any recruiter. AI can help to a great extent in matching applicants to job requirements, but it will never take the place of human intuition and judgment. To some extent, traditional AI can be a blunt instrument when applied to matching candidates to jobs. It may be faster in many respects than a human recruiter, but it’s not necessarily smarter in selecting candidates you want to interview.

Results from AI sourcing can be disappointing because they often limit themselves to keyword matching. That is, they just match keywords that appear in both the job description and the candidate profile. But does the AI know which requirements are “must-haves” and where you’d be willing to train up? There are even tips online for writing resumes that appeal specifically to AI recruiting systems, but a trained human recruiter can spot where someone is trying to game the system. Therefore, when it comes to creating a high-quality talent pipeline, this is just one area of many where the skilled recruiting professional is indispensable.

Arya by Leoforce – an impartial job super-source for better pipelines

To build a high-quality talent pipeline, consider expanding beyond the big job sites. While the perfect candidate for your job may be anywhere, the big sites will commonly steer you towards people who subscribe to their service. 

 Instead, work with an impartial sourcing partner. One who will scour multiple job sources, big and small, and aggregate the very best candidates. One who can not only match keywords but consider a person’s entire career journey in qualifying and ranking candidates. 

Arya Quantum by Leoforce is a job super-source, focused on making recruiters more efficient and effective. From one interface, you’ll discover talent from the dominant sites and the specialty sites, selected by a smarter AI system and ready for review by recruiting professionals. Built on an open platform, chances are Arya Quantum can be integrated with the applicant tracking system (ATS) you already use and work behind the scenes to fill your candidate pipeline with stronger, more diverse talent.



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