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3 hiring challenges that AI candidate sourcing can solve


Like most people, business leaders get caught up in the unimportant details now and then.

They can spend just as much time analyzing break room snacks, color schemes, and other elements that in no way carry the same weight as tasks like product launches and brand narratives.

Similarly, certain aspects of recruiting and hiring can quickly eat up a manager’s time. Of course, business leaders should never take hiring and sourcing talent for granted. The right mix of personalities and expertise at every level of a company can spark collaborative and exceptional results. But overdoing recruitment in terms of time and money spent can carry long-term consequences.

On average, companies need 42 days to complete a hire. But when you look at data across all industries, the process averages somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 to 63 days. For small businesses, certain hiring challenges can push the process toward the longer end of the spectrum. And when forced to balance hiring and urgent day-to-day matters, one (or both) of those duties can suffer.

With affordable and automated small business hiring resources, however, leaders can kick-start the talent sourcing process without taking themselves away from big-picture issues that require immediate and undivided attention. Here are three challenges in hiring that innovative recruitment tools can help solve for small businesses:

Lack of a dedicated hiring team

Small businesses and startups tend to leave hiring to sales, marketing, finance, and other departments. Those departments are already balancing other daily responsibilities, making it a stretch to add talent sourcing to their crowded plates.

A viable candidate sourcing AI platform like Arya can take some of those big-picture recruiting tasks out of employees’ hands and automate them efficiently. With Arya, companies can source candidates, correspond with them, build talent pipelines, and track successful hires to help guide future searches.

Instead of building a whole new team or pulling from other departments, recruitment tools like Arya optimize talent sourcing to ensure the right candidates are with you from the start.

Limited budget and resources

According to a 2019 LinkedIn study, small businesses typically spend $3,000 to $5,000 filling one vacant position. When hiring is a constant need, this expenditure can wear lean companies with even leaner capital.

Arya Pulse is a flexible candidate sourcing AI tool that is ideal for companies looking to make small numbers of quick and effective hires. Once you add a thorough job description and adequate company details, you’ll get a fleshed-out list of candidates in 48 hours.

The basic package and full-service options are $599 and $599 per position, respectively, but a volume discount exists for companies that need to make multiple hires. With a reasonable one-time fee, Arya Pulse brings qualified candidates to companies without breaking the bank.

The absence of talent sourcing avenues

One of the frequent challenges in hiring for small businesses is the shortage of platforms. Most companies subscribe to LinkedIn Recruiter or use some other job board to build a list of suitable candidates.

Those solutions might be effective, but they aren’t always the quickest or most all-encompassing options for finding top talent. Arya Quantum, meanwhile, uses machine learning to build AI sourcing algorithms. With Arya Quantum, an entrenched sourcing process gradually builds to make hiring a quicker and less intense process for small businesses.

Talent sourcing is an essential part of small business operations. By embracing the power of candidate sourcing AI solutions, you can give this process the attention to detail it deserves without letting other priorities slip through the cracks.


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