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Healthcare Hiring Tools You May Not be Aware of


Our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln once said, “If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.” Yes, having the right tool for any job is a pretty big part of the secret sauce of success! This is especially true for recruiters in the healthcare industry. At a time when the healthcare industry is not only evolving at a breakneck pace, but also facing an unprecedented workforce shortage,i healthcare recruiters have their work cut out for them when it comes to finding the right candidates. (Or finding candidates at all!)

Fortunately, the influx of AI tools into the recruiting and talent acquisition ecosystem has changed the game for healthcare recruitment teams. With the power to automate recruiting processes like resume screening, skills assessments, even interview scheduling, AI hiring tools can improve recruiting outcomes and drive measurable increases in efficiency.

But with so many AI recruiting tools on the market to choose from, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one is right for the unique needs of your business. To help you narrow down your search, let’s talk about some of the tools you may already know, and some you might not be aware of.

AI-Powered Resume Screening

Here’s a stat that highlights how time-consuming manual resume review and screening can be – on average, talent acquisition professionals spend nearly 1/3 of their workweek (about 13 hours)ii sourcing candidates for a single role. Throw in the prediction that jobs in healthcare are expected to increase by approximately two million iii over the next decade, but the healthcare workforce is expected to continue shrinking, and there’s no question that capturing the talent that is out there faster than the competition is and will continue to be critical for healthcare staffing agencies. This is where an AI-powered resume screening tool can be a life saver.

With the right AI hiring tool, healthcare recruiters can quickly screen resumes, cover letters, and other application materials to rapidly determine which candidates are the most compatible for the job. By automating that initial resume screening process, recruiters can save valuable time and focus on shortlisting and interviewing the most promising candidates.

Candidate Search and Match

It seems as though AI has literally permeated every corner of the world. But just like any tool, there are variations in effectiveness and functionality from one AI hiring tool to the next. One aspect of healthcare recruiting that an AI hiring tool can help with is candidate search and match. The right AI sourcing tool can enhance a healthcare recruiter’s ability to search and match candidates to jobs with a higher degree of accuracy.

One example can be found in the Arya platform. Arya’s advanced search and match capability goes beyond simple resume keyword matching to assess candidate relevancy using 300+ attributes. Users get a consolidated list of ideal candidates sourced from 70+ channels across 150 industries, and candidate review and shortlisting time is dramatically reduced by 50%.

With 63% of recruiters iv surveyed claiming talent shortage is their biggest problem, it’s easy to see why an even more beneficial component of an AI hiring tool like Arya, is access to the largest, proprietary database of candidates in North America of 850M+ active and passive candidates.

Talent Scoring and Ranking

Another powerful aspect of an AI hiring tool like Arya, is the ability to not just screen resumes, but the unique ability to score and rank talent based on seven multidimensional data points. This allows healthcare recruiters to truly narrow down the absolute best candidates for the role in a fraction of the time. Using the talent scoring and ranking feature in Arya enables recruiters to simultaneously source, score, and rank the most compatible candidates for 90% of jobs in less than 5 minutes.

In addition to scoring and ranking the talent found in Arya’s massive database, you can also enable talent rediscovery by scoring and ranking talent within your own internal database after integrating Arya.

Talent Engagement

You may not think of talent engagement v as a tool, but it definitely is. All the accurate matching and resume screening in the world is not going to result in the desired outcome without an effective tool to engage and nurture talent throughout the healthcare hiring process. It starts with having an effective strategy for engaging talent, but that strategy can be implemented much easier with an AI tool that streamlines engagement.

For example, Arya makes talent engagement simple with a powerful multichannel candidate communication dashboard with talk, text, email, and chatbot options. From the dashboard, healthcare recruiters can automate communication and leverage the chatbot as a 24/7 virtual recruiter to ensure candidates are never left in the dark and stay engaged throughout the recruiting lifecycle.

Talent Intelligence as a Tool

What is talent intelligence and how does it work? More specifically, what is AI-powered talent intelligence?vi First, let’s discuss the challenges faced by healthcare staffing agencies and recruiters that an AI powered talent intelligence tool can help with.

  • Niche candidates for roles with unique requirements are scarce and hard to find
  • Costs associated with extended sourcing time is high
  • Lack of data surrounding search parameters impede recruiters from making strategic decisions
  • High churn rates due to incompatible hires and turnover

The solution to these challenges lies in the ability to collect targeted talent intelligence around the role, candidate, industry, geography and other critical data points. By analyzing the data provided by talent intelligence, you can spot patterns, trends, and insights to better predict your existing and future hiring needs and also:

  • Create proactive recruiting strategies with insights into the labor market
  • Identify and address skills gaps
  • Optimize talent searches with critical, real-time insights
  • Maximize talent intelligence around localized talent pools

But in addition to providing critical market insights that can be transformed into actionable strategies, an AI hiring tool that offers other valuable features that can increase productivity even more.

AI-Powered Diversity Sourcing

Just like so many industries today, achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion hiring goals is a major priority for healthcare companies. Meeting DEI goals via manual sourcing methods and specialty job boards can be challenging, as well as costly. An AI sourcing tool that has diversity built-in can help mitigate unconscious bias, allowing healthcare recruiters access to a more diverse talent pipeline, and dramatically improving diversity hiring outcomes.

Applicants on Demand

The most powerful hiring tool on the market today for sourcing qualified healthcare professionals is hands-down – Arya’s Applicants on Demand.vii The powerful AI search and match, and talent intelligence in Arya is leveraged to identify the most suitable candidates, who are engaged and nurtured throughout the entire recruiting lifecycle and AI-qualified, pre-vetted applicants are delivered back into the healthcare recruiter’s ATS to be managed through their typical hiring process.

Applicant’s on Demand removes the entire burden of sourcing from a recruiting team, and instead of a list of compatible candidates, provides actual motivated applicants who have already expressed interest in the role. Overall recruiter efficiency is maximized, and companies are able to decrease sourcing costs, and minimize the risk to their budget with predictable, pay-per-applicant pricing.

Final Thoughts

With the demand for healthcare rising crashing into the shortage of healthcare professionals, recruiting and hiring in the healthcare industry is going to be challenging for the foreseeable future. But the best way to meet those challenges is with the right tools. 68% of recruiters viii believe that investing in the right recruiting technology is the best way to improve productivity. Ideally, investing in an AI hiring tool that encompasses a solution for every sourcing challenge is the best way to stay ahead of the competition.

Arya is a comprehensive AI hiring tool in a single platform that cuts shortlisting time in half, enables rapid candidate discovery and engagement, and scores and ranks talent for compatibility. The most efficient sourcing tool for capturing top talent before the competition, Arya provides a single, data-backed eco-system with powerful, advanced search and research capabilities that meet every sourcing need.

If you’d like to Learn More about AI sourcing and how integrating Arya into your recruiting strategy can maximize your productivity, book your personal demo today!


How can AI hiring tools benefit healthcare recruiters?

AI hiring tools can help automate a variety of mundane recruiting processes, saving recruiters time and increasing efficiency.

Why is an AI-powered resume screening tool beneficial in healthcare recruitment?

Manually screening resumes takes up the bulk of a recruiter’s time. By implementing an AI powered resume screening by a platform like Arya, recruiters can cut sourcing time in half. These tools can quickly analyze resumes, cover letters, and other application materials to determine the most compatible candidates for the job.

What is talent scoring and ranking?

By analyzing multiple data points and attributes, talent scoring and ranking assesses candidate relevancy against a particular role, ranking them and delivering a consolidated list of the most compatible candidates. This helps healthcare recruiters identify the candidates most likely to excel in the role faster and more efficiently.

Can an AI hiring tool assist with candidate searching and match?

One of the most beneficial aspects of an effective AI hiring tool such as Arya is its’ powerful advanced search and match capability. Using multiple machine learning models and predictive analytics, Arya match candidates to jobs.

How is Arya’s advanced search and match capability different from other AI hiring tools?

Arya goes beyond simple resume keyword matching to assess candidate relevancy using over 300 attributes, resulting in a consolidated list of ideal candidates from 70+ sources.

What is talent engagement, and why is it important in healthcare recruitment?

Talent engagement refers to the effective communication and nurturing of candidates throughout the hiring process. Keeping candidates engaged is a necessity if you want to capture top talent before your competitors. AI tools that automate engagement are a powerful tool for recruiters when it comes to enhancing efficiency.

How can an AI tool streamline talent engagement?

AI tools like Arya offer multichannel candidate communication options, such as talk, text, email, and a 24/7 chatbot that serves as a digital recruiter ensuring candidates don’t drop off due to lack of engagement. It makes engaging talent more efficient and convenient.

What is talent intelligence, and why is it valuable for healthcare recruiters?

Talent intelligence involves collecting targeted data around things such as location, compensation, skill set distribution, education and more. These insights enable recruiters to better predict hiring needs, address skills gaps, optimize talent searches, and make better strategic decisions.

How can talent intelligence improve recruiting strategies?

By providing critical market insights, talent intelligence helps recruiters create proactive recruiting strategies, identify and address skills gaps, and maximize both internal and external talent pools. Talent intelligence gives recruiters the power to develop proactive strategies on the front end.

What additional features can an AI sourcing platform offer besides talent intelligence?

An AI sourcing platform may provide features like Boolean search or AI-assisted search, which can further streamline recruiting processes and enhance productivity.

How can an AI sourcing tool support diversity hiring goals in healthcare companies?

An AI sourcing tool with diversity built-in helps mitigate unconscious bias, leading to a more diverse talent pipeline and improved diversity hiring outcomes.

What is Arya’s Applicants on Demand feature?

Applicants on Demand leverages Arya’s advanced AI search and match capability, and talent intelligence to identify qualified candidates, who are then engaged and nurtured throughout the recruiting process. Once vetted, and qualified, they are returned through a recruiter’s ATS as applicants who are ready to be shortlisted and interviewed.

How does Applicants on Demand benefit healthcare recruiters?

Applicants on Demand completely removes the burden of sourcing from the recruiting team and provides motivated applicants who have already expressed interest in the role. This maximizes overall recruiter efficiency, reduces time to fill, and simultaneously decreasing sourcing costs.

Why is integrating AI hiring tools like Arya critical for healthcare recruiters?

Recruiting and hiring in the healthcare industry is more challenging than ever before and AI tools can help recruiters stay ahead of the competition by streamlining routine processes such as resume screening, and candidate engagement saving time, increasing efficiency, and improving hiring outcomes.


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