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Your Comprehensive Guide to AI Resume Screening

Your Complete Guide to AI Resume Screening

The role of a Human Resource professional has evolved significantly over the years. Long gone are the days of merely recruiting talent. Today, HR professionals handle a myriad of responsibilities beyond recruitment. From identifying top talent, conducting interviews, and negotiating compensation packages that are beneficial to both talent and organizations, to providing learning opportunities, addressing professional needs, and shaping corporate policies, HR professionals wear many hats.

According to SHRM approximately 83% percent of U.S. employers[1] are already leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) in various HR functions. AI has proven itself as a valuable tool in recruitment by enhancing efficiency, personalization, and data-informed decision-making. Not only has it transformed the relationship between technology and people but also revolutionized the HR role in attracting, engaging, and retaining talent.

One area in which AI has truly helped recruiters and hiring managers increase efficiency is the resume screening process. With the right AI sourcing tool, talent acquisition pros are able to spend less time on time-consuming, manual resume screening and more time on critical tasks like conducting interviews and building strong candidate relationships. Not to mention its’ ability to identify important adjacent skills in candidate resumes. Read more about unlocking the full potential of your workforce by identifying adjacent skills in our blog here.

But there are a variety of factors to consider when it comes to selecting an AI tool for resume screening or any other recruiting task. After all, the market is currently flooded with options. Before we explore how to narrow down your options and choose wisely, let’s expand on the resume screening process in recruiting.

Traditional resume screening

Old school resume screening is comprised of several manual steps a recruiter must take to evaluate and shortlist candidates for job positions. Recruiters receive tons of resumes from job applicants and have to manually review each one. This process typically includes assessing candidate contact information, education, work experience, skills, certifications, and qualifications in the resume, and matching that information with the specific job requirements outlined by the employer. They’ll be looking for keywords, relevant experience, and qualifications.

Based on this manual review, recruiters create a shortlist of candidates who closely align with the job description. You can imagine that the traditional process relies pretty heavily on human judgement and can be time-consuming, not to mention tedious, especially when dealing with a large volume of applications. More on high-volume hiring later.

But AI sourcing tools such as Arya by Leoforce enable recruiters to eliminate manual screening processes and source, score, and rank talent for 90% of jobs in 5 minutes or less. Let’s break down how AI tools like Arya actually work in terms of resume screening.

How does AI work in resume screening?

AI resume parsing

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand and structure unstructured resume data, AI screening tools are able to parse resumes submitted by candidates. This process involves extracting relevant information, such as contact details, education history, work experience, skills, certifications, and qualifications.

Job Matching

Post resume parsing, a typical AI sourcing tool will compare the parsed data with specific job requirements provided by the employer by analyzing the alignment between candidate profiles and the job description by matching keywords, skills, experience, and other criteria, identifying candidates who closely match the desired qualifications. In the Arya platform, the AI searches the largest candidate database in North America (850+million profiles) from 70+ channels across 150+ industries to identify the ideal candidates based on the parameters the recruiter provides.

Talent Scoring and Ranking

AI screening tools evaluate candidates based on predefined criteria, including educational background, degrees, certifications, relevant experience, specific skills, and software proficiency. However, not every AI system offers talent scoring and ranking. This feature is built into the Arya platform and is a powerful tool for narrowing down the list of qualified candidates to those most likely to excel in the job. The AI in Arya assigns a score to each candidate relative to the role they are being sourced for. Plus, with the Candidate 360 feature in Arya, recruiters have a holistic view of a candidate’s career journey across a variety of fronts. Check out Candidate 360 for yourself in our recent blog post.

However, it’s critical to understand what differentiates one AI sourcing tool from another in terms of scoring and ranking. Most AI tools use only 4 – 5 multidimensional parameters to assess candidate relevancy. And some do not even provide a score and ranking.

Arya’s talent scoring and ranking capability is distinctly different from other AI recruiting tools for several reasons. But let’s stick to scoring and ranking capability for the moment. Arya’s AI cross references data across 7 multidimensional parameters to accurately assess, score and rank candidates, going a step further by explaining why a candidate is relevant for a job regardless of missing keywords in a resume, resulting in better candidate-job matches. This additional score details feature provides a detailed explanation for how Arya arrived at a candidate score, giving the recruiter even more important insights into candidate compatibility.

Screening for Bias

Many AI resume screening tools minimize bias by anonymizing candidate information, removing potentially identifying details like names, genders, ages, etc., from resumes. AI algorithms are trained to identify and avoid biased patterns in data and decision-making processes. This is again where the right sourcing technology can empower recruiters on a much deeper level.

With candidate identity masking capability, and build-in diversity indicators that deliver diverse candidates while still maintaining talent scoring and ranking integrity, Arya’s AI helps recruiters make reach their DEI goals armed with real data. Read more about how to meet your DEI goals in our comprehensive guide here.

Benefits of AI Recruitment Resume Screening

You can see there are a myriad of benefits to implementing an AI resume screening tool into your recruitment workflow. But let’s cover some other benefits.

Shortens the hiring cycle: AI technology handles mundane tasks swiftly, screening hundreds of resumes within minutes, eliminating delays caused by human fatigue. This efficiency expedites the hiring process, enhancing the candidate experience. Using a powerful AI tool such as Arya does far more than decrease time to submit. Users have reported a 5X increase in recruiter efficiency and a 50% reduction in candidate review and shortlisting time using the Arya platform.

Authenticates candidates: By analyzing public data from professional networks and social media, an AI tool helps recruiters validate and authenticate candidates’ claims. It filters out applicants lacking authentic qualifications, enabling HR and recruiters to focus on qualified candidates.

Accuracy: While accuracy varies based on data quality and algorithms, properly implemented AI resume screening significantly enhances efficiency and reduces manual effort. Some of this is based on the quality of the AI. Not all AI tools are capable of the same accuracy in results. That’s why it’s so important to learn about the AI in the system you’re considering.

Arya’s AI was trained using the largest dataset in the industry and a machine learning corrective feedback loop. As a result, Arya’s proprietary AI has been continually trained, and improved over more than a decade resulting in powerful pattern deduction capability and unparalleled search accuracy across multiple channels.

Improved candidate experience: Beyond the workflow improvements and increased efficiency, an AI resume screening tool such as Arya addresses virtually every recruiting challenge, which in turn enables recruiters to focus on and improve the overall candidate experience. In today’s competitive talent marketplace, the candidate experience plays an enormous role in reaching your recruiting and hiring goals.

Increased productivity: In addition to driving a better candidate experience, AI allows for the automation of tasks such as candidate reach-out, interview scheduling, and other routine workflows. All of which can boost recruiter productivity, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks like building relationships and talent pipelines.

What to look for in an AI resume screening tool

Before selecting any tool for your business, it’s important to have a solid understanding of your company’s needs and also a checklist of key features to look for to get the most ROI.

Efficiency and Speed: Does the tool you’re considering offer rapid screening and processing of resumes, managing high application volumes in a short timeframe?

Accuracy and data quality: This is a case of learning how the AI in the tool works. What datasets was it trained on? Does the tool use multiple machine learning models (MLM) predictive analytics and a corrective feedback loop? AI such as Arya, having 10+ years of continual training has resulted in powerful pattern deduction capability and unparalleled search accuracy and quality.

Advanced search and match capability: Not every AI tool has Natural Language Processing (NLP). Combining NLP with Arya’s AI expands its ability to learn from open-source web, past data, and user interactions, enabling a detailed, automated analysis of candidate data. All of which result in optimal insights and accurate matches that AI tools without NLP cannot deliver. In addition, Arya offers users access to the largest candidate database in North America providing a much broader base of talent to search from.

Talent scoring and ranking: Arya’s talent scoring and ranking feature uses 300+ parameters and seven multi-dimensional data points to understand and assess candidate relevancy, Arya scores and ranks talent for compatibility, *simultaneously sourcing candidates from 70+ channels for 90% of jobs in 23+ languages across more than 150 industries – in under 5 minutes, while reducing candidate review and shortlisting time by 50%. Arya can also score and rank a client’s internal database enabling candidate rediscovery in your existing talent pool in under 5 minutes.

Built-in diversity options: When creating a job, clients can enable diversity indicators based on their organization’s diversity goals. Arya delivers a list of candidates, scored, and ranked for compatibility, highlighting the candidates who match the diversity indicator, but doesn’t select only candidates in the selected underrepresented class. The result – an unbiased and diverse list of qualified candidates, giving the recruiter the power to choose the appropriate candidate for the organization.

AI recruitment resume screening offers significant time savings, increased efficiency, and reduced bias in the hiring process. Arming your team with the most powerful resume screening tool on the market is the best way to stay ahead of the competition. But a tool that does so much more than resume screening is going to help you take your recruiting game to the next level. That tool – is Arya. There’s a reason the largest staffing agencies in the country rely on Arya for their sourcing needs. Contact us today and see for yourself by booking a 1:1 demo.


What is AI resume screening, and how has it transformed HR practices?

AI resume screening involves using advanced algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to parse and match candidate resumes with specific job requirements, significantly enhancing efficiency and personalization in recruitment. It has revolutionized HR by automating manual processes and improving data-informed decision-making.

How does AI resume screening improve efficiency and speed in the hiring process?

AI tools like Arya rapidly screen and process resumes and high volumes of applications in a short timeframe. This swift automation eliminates delays caused by human fatigue, expediting the hiring cycle, and enhancing the overall candidate experience.

What factors ensure the accuracy and data quality of AI resume screening?

Arya’s AI employs multiple machine learning models, predictive analytics, and a corrective feedback loop. It has been trained on the largest dataset in the industry over a decade, resulting in powerful pattern deduction capability and unparalleled search accuracy. This rigorous training ensures accuracy in results.

How does Arya’s AI stand out in terms of advanced search and match capability?

Arya’s AI combines NLP with powerful pattern deduction, learning from open-source web, past data, and user interactions. This advanced capability enables detailed, automated analysis of candidate data, providing optimal insights and accurate matches. Arya also offers access to the largest candidate database in North America for a broader talent search.

What is the significance of talent scoring and ranking in Arya’s AI platform?

Arya’s talent scoring and ranking feature uses 300+ parameters and seven multi-dimensional data points to assess candidate relevancy. It simultaneously sources candidates from 70+ channels for 90% of jobs in 23+ languages across 150+ industries in under 5 minutes. This streamlined process reduces candidate review and shortlisting time by 50%.

How does Arya promote diversity in candidate selection?

Arya allows clients to enable diversity indicators based on organizational goals. It delivers a list of candidates, scored ,and ranked for compatibility, highlighting those who match the diversity indicator. The platform ensures an unbiased and diverse list of qualified candidates, empowering recruiters to choose the most suitable candidate for the organization.

Why is Arya considered the most powerful resume screening tool in the market?

Arya goes beyond traditional resume screening, offering powerful pattern deduction, advanced search capabilities, and diverse candidate selection. Some of the largest staffing agencies rely on it for increasing efficiency, accuracy, and the overall recruiting experience.


[1] https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/hr-topics/global-hr/pages/employers-embrace-artificial-intelligence-for-hr.aspx

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