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The New Way to Mass Hire: AI-Driven Pay for Performance Recruiting


Companies are Missing Out on Top Talent During Mass Hiring

Recruiting has always been a challenging and time-consuming task, especially when it comes to mass hiring. Traditional candidate sourcing, screening, and engagement methods often lead to higher sourcing costs, increases in time-to-fill, and sometimes compromises in candidate quality.

However, a new era in talent acquisition has emerged with AI-driven recruiting disrupting the industry with a laser focus on increasing recruiting efficiency and reducing sourcing costs. Companies who choose not to evolve and digitally transform risk being left behind in the war for top talent. Not to mention losing high quality candidates to their competition.

This is where AI-driven pay-for-performance recruiting promises to be the game changer that takes talent acquisition to the next level by revolutionizing the way companies identify and hire top talent at scale. But before we dive into that, let’s explore some of the common challenges recruiters face during bulk hiring.

Mass Hiring Challenges

Mass hiring poses unique challenges traditional recruiting methods have historically struggled to address effectively. The sheer volume of candidates, coupled with the need for a streamlined process to identify the most qualified individuals, often results in delayed time-to-fill and increased sourcing costs.

The need to fill many roles quickly may lead to decreased candidate quality and time to fill when using traditional recruiting methods. On average, a recruiter spends up to 12 hours per job sourcing, so if you have hundreds of jobs to fill, the recruiter may shift their focus, prioritizing quantity over quality to meet time constraints.

Neglecting Candidate Experience: In high volume hiring, there’s a risk of treating candidates as numbers rather than individuals. This can lead to poor candidate experience, as applicants might feel undervalued or ignored. A negative experience can harm the company’s reputation and discourage top talent from applying.

Inadequate Use of Technology: Not leveraging technology effectively is a significant oversight. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), AI-driven screening tools, and automated communication platforms can streamline the hiring process, reduce manual workload, and ensure more consistent candidate engagement.

Compromising on Quality for Quantity: It’s a double-edged sword, on one hand you can fill positions faster but on the other hand you are lowering the hiring standards. This approach can backfire in the long term, leading to higher turnover, and reduced overall workforce quality. It’s crucial to maintain a balance between the speed of hiring and the quality of candidates.

Lack of Clear and Consistent Communication: In high volume hiring, keeping candidates informed at each stage of the process is essential. Poor communication can lead to confusion and frustration, resulting in candidates dropping out of the process or having a negative perception of the company.

Mass Hiring Solution: AI-Driven Pay for Performance Recruiting

The good news is you don’t have to substitute quality for quantity in bulk recruiting – with AI-driven pay for performance recruiting, you can have both. AI-driven pay for performance recruiting offers a transformative solution to the challenges of mass hiring.

AI-assisted pay for performance recruiting automates sourcing, screening, scoring and ranking, and candidate engagement, delivering high quality, ready to interview applicants directly into your ATS for a fraction of the cost and in far less time than it would take to manually source.

Benefits of AI-Driven Pay for Performance Recruiting

  • Expand Your Talent Pool, Increase the Number of Applicants: Discover new candidates by extending your candidate database beyond just your existing job boards, but without paying extra costs per channel. AI can identify a larger number of high-quality candidates by sourcing across multiple channels and job boards simultaneously to increase the number of applicants.When you consider the average cost for a poor hiring decision is $15,000. Extending your candidate reach with access to a wider talent pool can make all the difference.
  • Eliminates the Burden of Candidate Sourcing Processes: AI-driven pay for performance recruiting takes the burden of manually sourcing high volumes of candidates off recruiters’ hands, not only saving them time but allow them to shift their focus on interviewing and hiring top talent.
  • Improve Candidate Quality: An advanced AI sourcing tool such as the Arya platform leverages predictive analytics, and more than 300 attributes to predict the likelihood of candidate success in a role. The most compatible talent rises to the surface resulting in better hires and increased candidate quality over time.
  • Lower Recruiting Costs and Maximize Sourcing Spend: The most revolutionary aspect of this recruiting service is the pay-for-performance model to maximize your recruiting budget. You only pay for completed applications, providing a cost-effective solution that aligns with their actual hiring needs.

Automated sourcing and screening help companies be more cost and time efficient. Using a pay for performance model further optimizes costs, allowing organizations to maximize their recruiting budgets while sourcing top talent.

Learn how other talent acquisition teams are leveraging AI-driven pay for performance recruiting to get more, high quality applicants faster – watch the webinar.

Introducing the Leading AI-Driven Pay for Performance Recruiting Service for Mass Hiring

While there is a myriad of AI recruiting platforms out there to choose from, Arya’s Applicants on Demand is the only true pay for performance recruiting service on the market. Applicants on Demand eliminates the time-consuming tasks from mass hiring to save recruiters time and money since you only pay for completed applications of candidates that have been verified for their qualifications.

With predictable pay per applicant pricing, this game-changing recruiting service eliminates the burden of sourcing and helps you maximize your recruiting budget. Applicants on Demand helped a nationally recognized healthcare provider close over 3,000 jobs in just four months!

If you’re ready to start sourcing better candidates with Arya’s Applicants on Demand, reach out to us today to Learn More.

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