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Our look at recruiting tech’s untapped potential


Hiring. It’s never as easy as it sounds, is it? The hiring process costs time and money while offering zero guarantees. This is why innovative recruiting solutions like artificial intelligence (AI) pique the interest of hiring teams.

In theory, AI hiring tools would expand talent pools, automate processes, and bring dream candidates to our attention quicker so jobs could be filled faster. We’d see an era of people-first recruiting that benefits both candidates and companies.

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Broken Promises of Recruiting Tech

Our latest webinar and accompanying whitepaper — both titled “The Broken Promises of Recruiting Technology” — don’t treat this as a current reality, though. We instead look at the current state of AI hiring tools, detailing how they are:

Costly: The process itself is still convoluted, and it hasn’t gotten any cheaper.

Isolated: The notion of pulling from more sources has quickly dissipated as platforms continue to cull candidates from the same rotation of networks.

Biased: Innovative hiring solutions aren’t slant-free; vendor partnerships are still dictating which candidates rise above others. The machinery also isn’t calibrated to allow for recent pushes for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) sourcing.

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Misaligned: Disparate solutions got stacked on top of one another in hopes they would somehow coordinate. But they struggle to speak to one another, making hiring process optimization that much more difficult.

Aiming to simplify the employment process has resulted in people-first recruitment being overlooked. Innovation started to trump humanization, and it has been detrimental to both sides of the hiring process.

The overarching theme across both the webinar and the whitepaper is this: People are the core of any company’s recruiting process, and they’re an indispensable facet of the recruiting process.

The AI hiring tools and associated technology that keep that fact in mind — and teams that make it central to every piece of hiring tech they adopt — position themselves well. They not only attract the top applicants but also enable their hiring teams to fully use recruiting technologies and people-first recruitment.

This is just a preview of what’s to come! Are you interested in learning more? Sign up for the webinar here!

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