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The Importance of Human Touch in AI Bulk Recruiting for Healthcare: Striking the Right Balance between Automation and Personalization

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It’s hard to imagine something that has captured the world’s attention in the past decade more than Artificial intelligence (AI). Yes, it seems the rise of the machine (or machine learning anyway) is reshaping the way businesses operate and humans work – in just about every industry out there. The same goes for the healthcare staffing industry, where the use of AI tools for bulk healthcare recruiting has seen a significant spike in recent years. With good reason considering the increased demand for healthcare services is far outpacing the ability of the healthcare workforce to keep up. This has healthcare organizations and staffing agencies searching for solutions to close the gap. Enter AI recruiting and hiring tools. Marvelous in their ability to automate mundane tasks and streamline healthcare recruiting workflows and processes, AI in bulk healthcare staffing presents numerous benefits for both recruiters and candidates.

But – where there are advances in technology, there are also barriers to adoption that must be overcome to truly reap the benefits that the right AI recruiting technology can deliver. In this instance, we’re talking specifically about the importance of striking the right balance between leveraging AI automation and maintaining the human touch necessary to recruit, hire, and retain the very best healthcare professionals out there. Before we explore strategies for doing just that, let’s discuss the benefits, risks, and everything else you need to know about the brave new world of AI in bulk healthcare recruiting.

What is Bulk Healthcare Recruiting?

Let’s talk benefits of AI in bulk healthcare recruiting. But what do we really mean when we say – “bulk healthcare recruiting?” Ok, it’s relatively self-explanatory but may seem a little strange to some, that hiring can happen in “bulk.” But in healthcare, where the need for large numbers of workers from so many different areas of healthcare requires, literally – masses of workers, a bulk healthcare hiring strategy is not just a trend, it’s a necessity. And a big part of that strategy is actually being able to pull off bulk healthcare hiring quickly, and efficiently. That’s where a powerful AI healthcare hiring tool can be a game-changer. Let’s take a look at the tangible benefits.

How AI Can Transform Bulk Healthcare Hiring

The benefits of using AI for bulk recruiting in healthcare are plentiful and can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process. One major advantage is the ability of an AI tool to process large volumes of data quickly and accurately. With AI tools, healthcare staffing agencies can analyze thousands of resumes and job applications within seconds, saving significant time and resources. This means recruiters can focus their energy on more strategic aspects of the hiring process, such as conducting interviews and building relationships with candidates. But there are other tangible benefits as well.

  • Advanced job matching: By analyzing candidate preferences, qualifications, and job requirements, AI recruiting tools can better match candidates with the most suitable job opportunities. One example of an AI sourcing tool with advanced search and match capability is the Arya platform. Arya combines advanced AI and predictive analytics to provide a deeper, multidimensional understanding of people, jobs, and what makes them compatible. The only AI Talent Intelligence platform on the market using multiple machine learning models, and 7 multidimensional data points to score and rank talent for compatibility, Arya enables healthcare recruiters to quickly source, and rapidly engage the talent most likely to succeed in every open role, reducing candidate review and shortlisting time by up to 50%.
  • Minimizes unconscious bias: Using an AI screening tool allows you to input search parameters based on relevant skills and qualifications without personal details. Recruiters are able to search and identify candidate matches based on relevant criteria.
  • Reduces time to hire: Healthcare hiring in general is difficult enough with the workforce shortage and other factors to contend with. But when you’re looking to hire in larger numbers to fill critical healthcare roles, the challenges multiply. This is where the right AI tool can mitigate these challenges by automating a variety of time-consuming sourcing tasks such as resume screening, candidate discovery, and talent engagement, substantially reducing time to hire. One study found that 86.1% of recruiters using AI technology stated that AI has sped up the hiring process.
  • Improved candidate experience: Implementing the right AI tool into your recruiting process can lead to a better candidate experience. By automating communication across multiple channels, the Arya AI sourcing platform makes it simple and efficient to engage and nurture talent via email, text, talk or chatbot. All of which results in an enhanced candidate experience.
  • Decreased cost per hire: Recruiters who use AI technology point to time saved and increased efficiency as a major benefit. The result of which leads to a lower cost per hire of up to 30%.

While the benefits of AI and automation in bulk healthcare hiring are tangible, there are some challenges that must be addressed to avoid potential negative outcomes.

Striking the Right Balance Between AI Automation and the Human Touch

Finding the right balance between automation and personalization is key when it comes to AI bulk recruiting in healthcare. While automation can greatly enhance efficiency, it’s important not to lose sight of the human touch that is crucial in the healthcare industry. And there are several reasons why this is so important.

  • Compliance and legal considerations: This is a big one to get right. Keeping in mind that an AI tool is only as accurate and compliant as the data it was trained with, there can be legal implications without human oversight. For example, if an organization is using AI for bulk resume screening, there are privacy laws to consider, as well as EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) guidelines to follow. These considerations can be managed with the oversight of human recruiters.
  • Candidate experience implications: While it’s true that AI can improve the candidate experience by providing multiple channels for communication and a more efficient recruiting and hiring process, many adults in the U.S. prefer to talk to a real person during the application process. In fact, according to a Pew research study, 66% say they would not want to apply for a job with an organization that used AI to make hiring decisions.
  • Inability to think critically: Another reason why injecting the human touch into the bulk healthcare recruiting process is the need to analyze candidate information more critically to identify potential that isn’t readily apparent to AI. The Pew study found that 44% of Americans didn’t trust AI to identify potential in applicants who don’t perfectly match the job description.

The key to achieving the perfect balance that maximizes the benefits of AI in your bulk healthcare recruiting strategy is just that – a balanced approach. Leveraging the power of AI tools for the initial screening and matching processes saves time and resources for recruiters, allowing them to focus on the personal side of building relationships with candidates and assessing their cultural fit within an organization. But there are other ways to inject a human touch.

Strategies for Adding a Human Touch to AI Recruiting Processes

  • Video interviews: Instead of relying solely on resumes and job applications, video interviews allow recruiters to see and interact with candidates on a more personal level. This not only helps gauge a candidate’s communication skills and demeanor but also allows creates a more genuine connection.
  • Tailor your automated communication: The ability to automate communication with an AI recruiting tool is great. But no candidate wants to feel as though their talking to a robot. That’s why it’s essential to truly tailor your automated communication to be personal and authentic.
  • Be responsive: According to Glassdoor, job seekers applying for roles through a recruiter report the most instances of being “ghosted.” When you’re recruiting for bulk roles in an industry where top talent is quickly scooped up by your competition, being promptly responsive and helpful to candidates is not merely a suggestion – it’s imperative. It’s also important for your employer brand where one bad review about a candidate’s experience can spread like wildfire on the web.
  • Don’t rely solely on automation: The point of automation and AI technology in bulk healthcare hiring is to streamline processes and simplify complex workflows to free up recruiters to focus on the direct communication and nurturing aspects of recruiting. But those aspects are critical and should be essential parts of your overall recruiting strategy. Because, let’s face it, AI can’t do it all. Especially when you’re hiring for healthcare roles that require more than unique skillsets and qualifications. An AI tool is not going to be able to discern empathy, compassion, or other soft skills that are an absolute necessity for healthcare professionals.

What to Look for In an AI Tool for Bulk Healthcare Hiring

The other challenge in leveraging AI technology in bulk healthcare hiring is in the actual selection of the tool that delivers the best recruiting outcomes. So, what should you be looking for in an AI tool for bulk healthcare hiring? Let’s break it down.

  • Advanced search and match capability: One of the most beneficial features of an effective AI tool is its ability to analyze large volumes of data and narrow down search results based on your criteria. Using 300+ attributes and seven multidimensional data points to understand and assess candidate relevancy, the Arya platform scores and ranks talent, simultaneously sourcing the most compatible candidates from multiple channels across more than 150 industries for 90% of jobs in less than five minutes.
  • Access to qualified candidates: Some AI tools simply perform various recruiting functions. However, an AI sourcing tool such as Arya, provides users with instant access to the largest candidate database in North America. (850+ million candidates sourced from 70+ channels.)
  • Talent intelligence: A powerful aspect of AI technology lies in its ability to search intelligently. But with Arya, recruiters are able to level-up their search with built-in Talent Intelligence. Using predictive analytics around key data points such as location potential, skill set distribution, salary projection, company mapping, and education, etc., Arya’s Talent Intelligence feature enables recruiters to establish more effective search parameters that lead you to the most compatible candidates faster, and also empower you with the right recruiting strategy up front.
  • Applicants on Demand: The most effective way to source for bulk healthcare roles is to eliminate the need for sourcing at all. Arya’s Applicants on Demand service is a pay-for-performance recruiting solution that leverages Arya’s advanced AI and machine learning models to automate high-volume hiring and streamline pre-hire engagement, with no up-front costs and predictable pay-per-applicant pricing. The perfect combination of AI technology and human recruiting expertise, Applicants on Demand allows healthcare recruiters and medical staffing agencies to focus all their efforts on hiring the best healthcare professionals for the job as AI qualified applicants are delivered directly into their ATS.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that the future of bulk healthcare hiring will require the best tools technology has to offer. However, it will remain equally important to combine AI and automation with the human touch. Human recruiters bring a unique perspective and the ability to connect on a personal level with candidates. By taking the time to understand their motivations, career goals, and cultural fit, recruiters can ensure that candidates feel valued and respected throughout the hiring process. The ideal solution is a best of both worlds scenario that meshes the power of AI with the expertise of very human recruiting professionals. To Learn More about how Arya’s Applicants on Demand can transform your bulk healthcare hiring, contact us today.


Can AI tools completely replace human recruiters in healthcare hiring?

No, AI tools cannot replace the unique qualities and perspective that human recruiters bring to the table. While AI can automate certain tasks and streamline the process, the personal touch and critical thinking of human recruiters are essential for assessing intangible qualities and building meaningful connections with candidates.

What strategies can I use to add a personal touch to AI recruiting processes?

Incorporating video interviews and keeping communication personalized are key strategies for adding a human touch to AI recruiting processes. These tools allow recruiters to connect with candidates on a personal level, understand their motivations, and assess their cultural fit within the organization.

What are the benefits of an AI tool in bulk healthcare hiring?

The right AI tool can speed up time to hire, reduce cost per hire, and streamline the entire recruiting and hiring process.

How can I ensure that the personal touch is not lost in a high-volume recruitment process?

Prioritizing candidate communication and providing timely updates and feedback are key to maintaining the personal touch in a high-volume recruitment process. By showing genuine interest in candidates and providing them with support throughout the process, you can make them feel valued and respected.

What is Applicants on Demand?

Applicants on Demand is the perfect combination of AI technology and human recruiting expertise, Applicants on Demand allows healthcare recruiters and medical staffing agencies to focus all their efforts on hiring the best healthcare professionals for the job as AI qualified applicants are delivered directly into their ATS.


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