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Four things to look for in an AI recruiting tool

Four things to look -guide

This guide explores four of the primary things you should be looking for in an AI recruiting tool. But first, let’s examine some of the predominant challenges recruiters are faced with in today’s constantly evolving job market.

Tedious, manual workflows for sourcing and reviewing candidates

Companies who haven’t integrated technology into their HR processes, are stuck with the labor-intensive, time-consuming task of manually sourcing and reviewing candidates.

“AI is transforming the recruiting and talent acquisition experience.”

The candidate pool is more like an ocean

For 52% of talent acquisition leaders, the most difficult element of recruiting is sifting through a huge number of applications to identify the best candidates. Without effective tools for refining your search quickly and efficiently – the right candidates are often scooped up before you can find them. 

Sourcing the right talent to meet diversity goals can be challenging

Many companies are prioritizing a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Recruiters are tasked with finding new ways to diversify their talent search to reach a broader audience of candidates. 

Candidate-driven job market

The pandemic’s impact on the job market created a massive number of job vacancies due to ‘The Great Resignation.’ As a result, it is no longer an employer-driven market, and companies find themselves competing for top talent in a job market where candidates and job seekers have the upper hand.

The candidate experience is more important than ever

Competing for top talent is the new normal for recruiters, which makes improving the candidate experience a top priority. Maximizing candidate engagement and creating a streamlined recruitment process that is as painless as possible is essential. 

A plethora of recruiting technologies to choose from

In today’s tech-driven world, there are plenty of talent management platforms to choose from. But how do you decide which recruiting tool is going to work for your specific business needs? 

Talent management in today’s modern workforce is filled with unique challenges that require a different approach, new methodologies, and innovative solutions powered by AI technology and – People Intelligence.

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Assess your own needs and recruiting hurdles

Understanding the challenges associated with sourcing quality candidates is the first step to optimizing your recruiting and talent management processes. Perhaps more important, however, is selecting the right recruiting technology to overcome those challenges.  

But with new platforms popping up every day, how do you know which platform will meet the unique needs of your business? A good place to start is by asking yourself one simple question – what are the main problems your new recruiting technology needs to solve? For many companies, the answer amounts to – all the above. In which case, you should narrow your focus to a platform that checks all the boxes in the following four areas. 

User friendly

It might seem obvious, but ease of use is critical when it comes to navigating a new digital tool. After all, the easier it is to use a new system, the more likely you are to actually use it at its full capacity and truly get more bang for your buck. Keep in mind that when it comes to AI recruiting technology, you’re trying to work smarter, not harder.  So, keep it simple and look for an easy to navigate dashboard interface with easily identifiable features, and the ability to list all your qualified candidates from all your sources in one list. Ideally, the right AI tool should allow you to:

  • Post a job
  • Review and shortlist candidates
  • Easily find resumes and contact info
  • Automate emails
  • Optimize job descriptions 

Seamless integration with your ATS

A recruiting tool that doesn’t smoothly integrate into your existing applicant tracking system and typical workflow is not the answer. Look for a solution that complements your existing system, and easily pulls all the candidates you source directly into your ATS. Being able to seamlessly leverage the features of both systems will allow you to focus on what really matters – actual recruiting! 

An AI recruiting tool with built-in diversity functions

Meeting organizational diversity and inclusion goals in the workplace is a top priority for many companies in today’s job market. However, the traditional method of diversifying your talent search by adding premium diverse job sources can be complex and costly. Having a recruiting platform with built in diversity features eliminates the need for additional job boards or other technologies to support your diversity goal. 

Integrated candidate communication dashboard

A huge part of the candidate experience is defined by one thing – communication. If you don’t communicate quickly enough, or often enough, you can lose candidates. A recruiting tool that streamlines communication throughout the process can, not only help you stay connected to candidates, but can save you valuable time and energy for other critical tasks. An integrated candidate communication dashboard that offers the opportunity to automate personalized messages, or even a chatbot feature can make a world of difference when it comes to candidate engagement.

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Final thoughts

In the brave new world that is the modern workplace, the job market is showing no signs of becoming less dependent on digital technology and the power of AI. But in the recruiting and talent management ecosphere, effective AI technology is far more than just a digital tool for sourcing candidates – it’s the key to unlocking the broader benefit of – People Intelligence. By analyzing massive amounts of candidate and job data, AI recruiting technologies offer the ability to drive data-based sourcing, recruiting and hiring decisions that result in successful outcomes for both candidates, and the companies who use them. 

Leoforce designed its Arya recruiting platform to automate repetitive recruiter tasks and free them to do what they do best: build relationships with talent and strategically grow the business. Arya goes far beyond AI to offer People Intelligence, a true understanding of how recruiters and candidates think and what they need to have a positive hiring experience. 

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