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Empowering Healthcare Organizations with Talent Rediscovery through AI Recruiting Tools

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Healthcare recruiters and staffing agencies are undergoing some pretty big challenges in today’s rocky road that is the healthcare industry. It’s old news that the entire industry is fraught with challenges when it comes to staffing, and finding top talent for critical healthcare roles is like finding a needle in a haystack. If the haystack were on fire, and the needle was in another haystack. It’s safe to say – the struggle is more than real, it’s becoming untenable. But does it have to be?

The short answer is no. Because, with a plethora of AI-powered recruiting tools on the market, healthcare organizations don’t have to settle for the time-consuming, tedious, and often manual sourcing processes of yesterday. Today’s healthcare recruiter can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to transform the recruiting and hiring process, making it faster, smarter, and more efficient than ever before. They’re also looking for solutions in their own back yard with talent rediscovery. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of all that, let’s take a moment to do a deeper dive into some of the current challenges in healthcare recruitment.

Healthcare Hiring Hurdles

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry needs a proverbial shot in the arm in terms of talent sourcing. From nurses to physicians, administrators to technicians, healthcare professionals are scarce – but the competition isn’t. Here are some of the hurdles healthcare organizations have to overcome in the current healthcare workforce.

Talent Shortages: Healthcare organizations often grapple with shortages of qualified professionals. These shortages can impact patient care, increase costs, and create burnout among existing staff.

High Turnover: The healthcare industry is notorious for high turnover rates. Retaining top talent is a constant battle, and each vacant position represents a potential disruption in care delivery.

Complex Credentials: Healthcare professionals need to meet strict licensing and credentialing requirements. Ensuring compliance can be a time-consuming and error-prone process.

Evolving Needs: The healthcare landscape is far from static. Pandemics, technological advancements, and shifting patient demographics require a dynamic approach to staffing.

The question remains, can AI recruiting tools overcome the hurdles in healthcare recruitment? Let’s break down some of the things you need to know about AI recruiting tools like Arya by Leoforce and how they can empower a healthcare organization’s overall talent acquisition strategy.

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Understanding the Power of AI Recruiting Tools

Defining AI Recruiting Tools: Let’s start with what AI recruiting tools are and how they work. The magic behind AI recruiting tools lies in their ability to process vast amounts of data quickly and accurately. Here’s a simplified overview:

Data Collection: Data is gathered from a wide range of sources, including job postings, resumes, social media profiles, job boards and more.

Data Preprocessing: Raw data is cleaned and structured, ensuring consistency and accuracy. This refreshing of data can be very valuable for keeping your database updated and current with candidate contact information, job status, new skills and more.

Machine Learning: AI algorithms are trained on masses of historical hiring data to identify patterns and trends.

Advanced Search and Matching: AI tools search across multiple channels to match the most suitable candidates to jobs based on their ability to deduce patterns. In the Arya AI platform, healthcare recruiters can leverage the dynamic combination of Boolean search with AI-assisted search to optimize search parameters and achieve even better search outcomes.

Continuous Learning: The system improves over time, becoming more accurate as it processes more data and learns from hiring outcomes.

Again, this is a generalized description of how AI recruiting tools work. But it’s important to understand exactly how the AI recruiting tool you’re considering actually functions. More on that later. Let’s talk about the very real benefits of incorporating AI recruiting tools into a healthcare organization’s recruiting and hiring strategy.

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Tangible Benefits to Healthcare Organizations

Saves Time & Increases Efficiency

One of the most immediate advantages of using AI recruiting tools is the time saved. According to a LinkedIn survey. recruiters spend nearly a thirdi of their workweek (approximately 13 hours) sourcing candidates for a single role. Often, this is due to time-consuming manual resume screening and inefficient candidate matching processes. However, the right AI tool can perform these tasks in seconds. – with a higher degree of accuracy. This means your HR team can focus on more strategic tasks, like improving workplace culture or developing retention programs.

Improved Candidate Matching

Speaking of candidate matching, this is where an AI sourcing tool such as Arya, can really make a difference. Arya sources, scores, and ranks talent for compatibility using 300+ parameters and seven multi-dimensional data points to understand and assess candidate relevancy, ultimately resulting in better candidate to job matches.

Reduced Turnover / Better Retention

With AI’s predictive analytics, you can better identify candidates who are likely to stay in their roles for the long term. Those 300+ parameters in the Arya platform provide recruiters with a much more comprehensive view of a candidate. Not to mention the insights you get from scoring and ranking + the detailed analysis from Arya’s Candidate 360 Score Details feature. All of which enable you to source the right candidates out of the gate, minimizing the chances of turnover and boosting retention.

Maintaining Compliance

Compliance with HIPAA and licensing regulations is essential in healthcare recruitment. AI recruiting tools can help automate compliance and credentialing. This means verifying licenses, certifications, and other credentials to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.


As your healthcare organization grows or faces sudden staffing needs (like a global pandemic), AI recruiting tools can scale with you. They can handle large volumes of applicants quickly with a high degree of accuracy. There is also Arya’s Applicants on Demand (AoD) service which actually does the sourcing for you. Instead of spending hours a day sourcing candidates, healthcare recruiters get qualified, AI vetted applicants delivered directly to their ATS for a predictable, pay-per-applicant cost. The time and money saved by using a service like AoD frees up recruiters to focus on the important tasks of interviewing and hiring healthcare professionals.

It’s clear the benefits of AI recruiting tools are well worth the investment if you choose wisely. But in order to select the tool that enables talent rediscovery in your healthcare organization, and delivers maximum ROI, you need to go beyond conventional AI.

What is Talent Rediscovery?

Talent Rediscovery Defined: It’s really just what it sounds like but maybe a little more complex in practice. Similar to a Direct Sourcing model of recruitment, talent rediscovery is a way to capitalize on your own talent resources including silver medalists, former employees, freelancers, referrals, etc. Many times, qualified candidates within your own talent pools can slip into a “black hole,” where they remain forgotten and invisible to your recruiting team. An AI recruiting tool that enables you to rediscover these invisible, yet valuable candidates saving your company valuable time and money spent on sourcing new talent.

How Does Arya’s AI Power Talent Rediscovery for Healthcare Organizations?

Before we get to that, it’s important to understand just how the AI tool you’re considering actually functions.

Smarter AI = Better Results

A critical piece of the puzzle with AI recruiting technology is ensuring the tool you invest in includes natural language processing (NLP) – a part of AI that analyzes human text to deliver high-level insights into a candidate’s qualifications and compatibility.

The AI in the Arya platform was built on a combination of multiple machine learning models, predictive analytics, neural networks, and natural language processing (NLP). Trained using the largest dataset in the industry combined with 10+ years of machine learning corrective feedback loop, Arya uses 7 multidimensional data points and 300+ attributes to accurately search, match, score, and rank candidate profiles. But it doesn’t stop there.

Arya’s AI traces specific information within candidate profiles that may not be exhibited in a resume but can be deduced using the extensive parameters Arya utilizes to determine compatibility. Recruiters are empowered with additional relevant keywords that optimize search capability and deliver better, more relevant results.

Plus – the AI in the platform goes a step further with Candidate 360’s Score Details, which actually explains why a candidate is relevant for a job regardless of missing keywords in a resume, enabling better candidate-job matches. The Score Details feature delivers unparalleled visibility into candidate compatibility, empowering recruiters to make data-driven hiring decisions.

But perhaps one of the biggest advantages of implementing Arya into your healthcare recruiting strategy is that you can also source, score, and rank candidates within your own ATS or candidate database, resulting in a level of talent rediscovery that would otherwise be impossible with other AI tools.

Final Thoughts

As the future unfolds, there are sure to be even more ways the world of AI technology will continue to impact healthcare recruiting and hiring. Greater integration of telemedicine into mainstream healthcare, sophisticated chatbots that will serve as virtual recruiters, and the continual evolution of machine learning and predictive analytics promise will all play their part in keeping the wheels of healthcare turning. And Arya will continue evolving right a long with it. Arya wasn’t born yesterday. With over a decade of refinement, Arya is unlike any other sourcing tool on the market. If you’re ready to empower maximize talent rediscovery today, book a demo of Arya and see for yourself what the power of true AI can do for you!


What are some of the current challenges in the healthcare industry and healthcare recruitment?

The healthcare industry is facing a rise in the demand for healthcare services, while the supply of qualified healthcare professionals is scarce. Healthcare recruiters and staffing agencies are struggling to find solutions to talent shortages, high turnover rates, complex credentialing, and a constantly changing market.

How can AI recruiting tools help healthcare organizations?

AI recruiting tools can save time and increase efficiency by automating tasks like resume screening and candidate matching. They also improve candidate matching and can reduce turnover through predictive analytics. But one of the lesser-known advantages of an AI recruiting tool like Arya, is the ability to rediscover talent in your own internal database.

What are the tangible benefits of using AI recruiting tools in healthcare recruitment?

Implementing an AI recruiting tool can save time, decrease sourcing costs, improve candidate to job matching, reduce turnover, streamline compliance and credentialing processes, and add scalability to meet the needs of a sudden increase in demand.

What is talent rediscovery, and why is it important for healthcare organizations?

Similar to a Direct Sourcing model of recruitment, talent rediscovery is the process of finding qualified candidates within your existing talent pools, including silver medalists, former employees, referrals, etc. Talent rediscovery can help you capitalize on resources you’ve already invested in, saving your organization time and money spent on sourcing new talent.

How does Arya’s AI power talent rediscovery for healthcare organizations?

Arya’s AI uses natural language processing, machine learning models, predictive analytics, neural networks, and NLP to search, match, score, and rank candidate profiles. This capability can be applied to your own ATS or candidate database, allowing you to resurface hidden talent who would have otherwise remained hidden.

What sets Arya apart from other AI recruiting tools on the market?

Built on a combination of multiple machine learning models, predictive analytics, neural networks, and natural language processing (NLP), the AI in Arya has been evolving and improving for over 10 years and is unlike any other AI on the market. Distinctly different from typical AI sourcing tools, Arya’s unique configuration and design yields superior results other AI tools are incapable of.

What does the future hold for AI in healthcare recruitment?

AI in healthcare recruitment is likely to become more and more prevalent. With the increasing integration of telemedicine into the mainstream, advanced chatbots serving as virtual recruiters, and the continued progression of technology tools for more effective healthcare hiring, companies that embrace AI in their recruiting strategies will have an edge over the competition.

How can healthcare organizations explore Arya’s AI recruiting tools to empower talent rediscovery?

Healthcare organizations interested in Arya’s AI can book a demo to experience the power of true AI in healthcare recruitment and maximize talent rediscovery.


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