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We go beyond conventional AI recruiting solutions with Artificial Intuition - our holistic multidimensional approach that matches real people to real jobs. We’re uniquely focused on delivering candidates who aren’t just qualified, but more likely to succeed in the hiring organization.

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The Arya advantage

We are reinventing the way people connect with jobs

Leoforce is the company behind Arya, the next-generation AI recruiting solution that delivers qualified, compatible talent for open roles. Arya meets the needs of anyone filling a job, regardless of business type, industry, hiring volume, or budget. We offer enterprise-grade solutions for businesses and staffing agencies, as well as on-demand solutions for infrequent hirers.

Better outcomes with Artificial Intuition

With Arya, our recruitment platform will empower you to have better outcomes with less hassle.

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Integrate with your ATS

See all talent in one place, from your ATS, subscribed sources, and 850m+ candidate profiles.

Source candidates

See more compatible candidates

Artificial Intuition takes you beyond qualified candidates, to those likely to succeed in the job.

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Diversify your pipeline

Reduce unconscious bias and promote more diverse candidates in your pipeline, at no extra cost.


Expand your talent pool

Gain access to more than 850 million talent profiles, and integrate your internal talent and subscribed sources.


Streamline candidate engagement

Engage talent by talk, text, email and chatbot from one consolidated dashboard.


Optimize results on your advertising spend

With one click, Arya places job ads right where the most compatible candidates are most likely to see them.

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Brands growing with Arya

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Featured White Paper:

Direct Sourcing

A fractured economy, the rising demand for more diversity in the workforce, and fierce competition for top talent has businesses today facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to talent acquisition. One recruiting solution gaining traction is Direct Sourcing.


Arya Quantum
Arya Fusion
Arya Pulse
Arya Concierge

Arya Quantum integrates with your ATS and uses Artificial Intuition to find the compatible candidates other AI tools might miss.

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If you prefer a standalone AI recruiting product, Arya Fusion is all you need to create a professional and seamless experience for team members and talent alike.

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Arya Pulse is the pay-as-you hire recruiting and qualification service for growing businesses, but without the monthly contract, fees, and commissions.

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Filling specialized or highly competitive roles can take forever, and costs can quickly spiral out of control. For a fixed fee, the Arya Concierge service quickly delivers compatible candidates who are ready to interview.

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Arya offers flexible service and pricing plans to meet the needs of any recruiter, with a record of success in the industries and companies most in need of compatible candidates.

By Industry

Banking and finance


Healthcare today faces the most difficult recruiting challenges. Arya has a record of success.

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Banking and finance

Recruiting and retaining tech-minded talent is a top objective in banking and finance.

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Tech is everywhere, but talent is scarce. Get access to millions of top performers in tech.

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Manufacturers struggle to staff up and keep up with high demand and disrupted supply chains.

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By Role

Hiring manager


Arya amplifies the recruiting power of your talent acquisition team.

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Hiring manager

Arya delivers qualified candidates ready to interview without recurring fees or commissions.

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By Company

Small business
Large enterprise
Staffing agencies

Small business

Level the playing field and compete against larger companies for talent.

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Large enterprise

Easily integrate with your existing ATS or VMS and expand your reach and sourcing power.

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Staffing agencies

Simplify workflows, streamline the candidate experience, and source more compatible candidates faster.

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Integration partners

Deliver more recruiting power to your customers by integrating Arya into your ATS or VMS.

Automated Business Design
Applicant Pro
Smart Search
Job Diva
Crelate Talent
Job Adder
Recruit BPM
People Fluent
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Cheryl Trigo - Vice President, Sourcing & Implementation JCSI Recruitment

"Before Arya, we typically sourced 6-10 quality candidates per hour. After just a couple of days with Arya, we’ve increased that to 50+ quality candidates per hour! I can't live without Arya now."

Cheryl Trigo
Vice President, Sourcing & Implementation JCSI Recruitment
Jack Farrell - Owner, QuickRecruit

"Before it would take me probably three to four weeks. Now I'm finding people, sourcing them, talking to them, bringing them to the hiring manager, and getting a verbal offer out anywhere from a week to ten days. So for me, it's been literally a godsend."

Jack Farrell
Owner, QuickRecruit

"With Arya Pulse, Bashyam was finally able to focus on business and let us cut through the clutter and deliver great candidates. “There’s a lot of value to that. You’re basically making us more efficient in the recruiting process,” said Bashyam."

Murali Bashyam
Managing Partner, Bashyam Shah LLC

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