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How to maximize your hidden recruiting potential


This guide explores ways to maximize your hidden recruiting potential amidst a myriad of challenges.

Adapt to current market conditions

Following epic numbers of job vacancies, a labor shortage, and the continuing effects of a global pandemic, there is certainly no shortage of hurdles for recruiters to overcome in the current climate. Staying ahead of the curve and maximizing your recruiting potential will require, first and foremost – the ability to adapt. That means changing the way you think about sourcing top talent and adapting your overall approach to optimize ROI and garner the best possible outcomes. The question is – how do you really get there?

“To meet the challenges of a constantly changing job market, rising inflation, and higher expectations from candidates, recruiters need to adapt and move forward strategically.”

Make technology your friend

A great first step is to embrace technology and all it has to offer the recruiting industry. After all, one of the most important things you can do to succeed in any industry, is to find the right tools for the job. Incorporating the right recruiting technology into your workflow can streamline and simplify the entire process.  Not to mention, the beauty of recruiting technology in general, it that it is constantly adapting to keep up with a continually evolving job market. But to know what you need in a recruiting tool; you will also need to know your talent market on a core level. 

Get familiar with your talent market

Whether you are an employer or a recruiter, you need to be in tune with the existing talent market you are seeking candidates in. To determine where the gaps are in your knowledge of the current market, start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What are the roles I need to fill?
  • Do I know what others are paying for similar roles?
  • Am I familiar enough with the current talent market to fill those jobs with the most suitable candidate? 
  • What are candidate expectations in the current market? 

If you are finding it difficult to match candidates with the jobs you are trying to fill, it might be time to get to know your market a little better. Fortunately, there is a simple way to do that, and it starts with the power of AI technology. 

AI recruiting software can boost your market intelligence

AI tools are specifically designed to analyze and interpret your needs and your candidate market. The right AI recruiting platform can help you make informed decisions by assessing candidate work history, experience, education and other details to accurately match candidates to the most suitable roles. The challenge lies in selecting the correct AI recruiting tool for your needs from the huge number of platforms on the market today. For example, there are some AI recruiting tools that offer no market intelligence at all, and others that do not apply market intelligence in a way that helps you build a strong, diverse talent pool. The tool you select should offer more than the ability to fill a role. It should help you achieve your broader business goals such as expanding your overall candidate pipeline, refining workflows and streamlining recruiting processes to enhance your overall efficiency.  

The more effective the recruiting tool, the more effective the recruiter

AI recruiting platforms that successfully integrate market intelligence into the sourcing tool help you define and refine your search based on solid metrics around the companies, industries, salaries and locations relevant to the job you are sourcing. Arya Quantum and Fusion by Leoforce do exactly that and offer both market intelligence and easy integration into your existing system. 

Create an effective advertising strategy

Another way to maximize your hidden recruiting potential is by taking optimizing your advertising efforts. It’s no secret that advertising job posts is an effective way to get an influx of motivated candidates viewing your open jobs. However, that can get costly.  At the same time, if you are trying to save money by posting and advertising jobs yourself, it may be hard to know exactly where to post, and you may not get the results you were looking for. 

Utilize job advertising tools

So, what’s the right solution for advertising your jobs? You may instantly think – social media, to promote your open roles. But ad tools from platforms like Facebook can be complex to navigate because the algorithm can be skewed. LinkedIn is a more appropriate option for advertising. But keep in mind that to reach all the websites applicants are applying on, you will need a tool that bridges the gaps in your advertising strategy and serves as a one-stop-shop for promoting your open jobs – everywhere you need them promoted. This is where a tool like Arya Quantum becomes an invaluable resource in its ability to advertise your job across multiple sites and job boards. Quantum gives you the ability to gain broader reach and improve your candidate engagement at the same time, offering a win-win proposition.  

Hire a good team

An additional thing to think about when you are trying to optimize your recruiting game, is like a lot of things in the recruiting industry – it starts with people. There are a lot of steps involved with sourcing, and ultimately – hiring a candidate. Consider the recruiting lifecycle – from research, marketing, communication, interviewing to potentially participating in some onboarding and follow-up.  But what if you are a small company or an individual recruiter with limited resources? You may not be in a position financially to hire additional staff. So, does it make sense to hire an outside recruiting agency to do the research and provide you with a list of qualified candidates to fill your open positions? It might if most recruitment services didn’t charge monthly fees, have high commissions and strict contracts to contend with. All of which, can take a toll on your budget. One alternative for recruiters with less frequent hires and budget constraints, is the freedom and flexibility of Arya Pulse – the no contract, flat rate per job recruiting tool from Leoforce. 

Deliver a superior candidate experience

Attracting top talent and building a steady pipeline of candidates begins and ends with the candidate experience. To maximize your recruiting efforts, you must first build an unparalleled candidate experience. The two primary factors to achieving the best candidate experience come down to simplicity and communication. Keep your process simple and avoid lengthy applications that ask for information already on their resume. And above all else, communicate regularly about all the relevant details. That also means informing a candidate when they don’t meet the criteria for a particular role. Remaining in close contact can be the difference between losing a candidate and filling that next role they just happen to be perfect for. 

Final thoughts

Having the right balance of resources in place is a key component to effectively completing the recruiting lifecycle and successfully tapping into your hidden (and not so hidden) recruiting potential. With powerful tools like Arya, and a people-driven mindset, get ready to take your recruiting efforts to the next level.

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