Improve Candidate Quality up to 72% and Recruiter Hires up to 60% with Arya, the #1 AI Recruiting Tool Loved by 16,000+ Recruiters.

With access to the largest candidate database across 80+ Job Boards and ATS Partners, Arya’s AI Recruiting Platform delivers a single de-duplicated scored and ranked list of high quality candidates in less than 5 mins.

Trusted by 16,000 Recruiters

Improve Recruiter Hires by 60%

AI Recruiting with Multi-Channel Sourcing

The Arya AI automated recruiting platform integrates with 80+ ATS and job boards and has access to the largest talent pool of US candidates across 150+ industries. This empowers organizations to automate sourcing from multiple channels, enabling them to reduce recruiting costs by up to 50%.

Reach Top Talent Before Your Competitors

The Arya AI automated recruiting tool saves recruiters up to 12 hours per job, using automated resume searches to source a deduplicated list of compatible candidates in seconds, with muti-channel automated drip engagement to drive applications, empowering recruiters to focus on building relationships.

Find the Best Fit Candidates

Increase candidate quality by 72% using Arya’s AI-based automated recruiting software. Arya’s AI screens, scores, and ranks resumes based on 300+ attributes and 7 multi-dimensional data points to predict a candidate’s likelihood of success, in the role,

What Recruiters and HR Leaders are Saying

"Before Arya, we typically sourced 6-10 quality candidates per hour. After just a couple of days with Arya, we’ve increased that to 50+ quality candidates per hour! I can't live without Arya now."

Cheryl Trigo

Vice President, Sourcing & Implementation JCSI Recruitment

"I find the Arya tool user-friendly and easy. The quantity of candidates it produces within seconds is amazing. The only job our team will do is to review the leads if it fits and adjust the search parameters whenever needed. We also like the Market research option which helps us present better data to our clients."

Lordes Ann M

Global Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, IBM